How Much To Rent A Camper Van For A Month?

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Planning a month-long getaway, but you don’t have the mode of transport to do it? Renting a camper van could be the best solution. It’s compact, some are fitted out in such luxury like you won’t, and longer-term rental can result in a discounted price. How much does it cost to rent a camper van for a month?

Renting a camper van can cost between $100 and $400 per day, depending on the camper van selected. Most camper van rental companies apply a discounted nightly rate when the rental period is a month, typically between 5% to 20%. Renting a camper van averages between $4,000 and $9,000 per month.

The cost of renting a camper for a month is not only reflected in the nightly rate. Additional costs can include cleaning costs, additional mile fees, campground fees, insurance fees, delivery fees, tax costs, etc. To get a real idea of the total cost of renting a camper van for a month, make sure to add all additional costs.

The Cost Of Renting A Camper Van For A Month

The cost of renting a camper van will be guided by the nightly rate, which is influenced by the van’s make, year, model, conversion, and mileage.

Depending on the above criteria, renting a camper van can cost you $100 to $400. If you opt for a class B camper van, it will cost more than a class C. When searching for camper vans to rent, look for campers that include a discounted nightly rate, as owners often drop prices online.

Renting a camper van for a month will typically result in a discounted nightly rate, from anywhere between 5% to 20%, depending on the camper van owner or the company that rents out its own vans.

Types Of Camper Vans To Choose From

There are different types of camper vans to choose from. Choosing the right one for your trip is essential regarding how many people are going with you, the amount of storage space required, and ultimately how much time will be spent indoors.

Nobody likes a cramped camping experience – don’t try to fit six persons into a four-person camper van. Typically, your VW vans will be perfect for you and a partner as their interior space is a bit smaller in design than other campers.

Panel camper vans are typically your larger type – being able to accommodate four adults comfortably – some of them up to six people depending on the conversion done. Look for panel vans that feature bunk beds if you take kids on the trip.

Then you get truck campervan conversions, which typically feature a mountable camper on the truck’s pickup bed. The Ford F-550 EarthRoamer is a luxury example of a truck converted into a camper van.

These truck camper vans can handle more rugged terrain than other camper vans, so keep that in mind if you are going bundu bashing.

Additional Camper Van Rental Costs

The largest chunk of the cost of a rental van will be its nightly rental rate. Unfortunately, the nightly rate isn’t the only cost involved. To get your budget plans right, we need to discuss all potential costs that you might incur when renting a camper van.

Paying The Taxman

You will be taxed according to state and local tax regulations with any rental. The tax percentage will vary from state to state.

Delivery Fees Applicable When Renting A Camper Van

Owners of camper vans often include a delivery option to renters interested in renting their camper van. Typically, a standard fee is charged, and they will inform the renter of the radius to which they are prepared to deliver it. The cost of such a service can start at $100 or more.

Service Fee Charged By Camper Van Rental Platform

Everybody wants to get paid. Expect a service fee charged – around 20% of the total rent price – to go to the platform where you are renting from. Without them, you would probably still be looking for a suitable camper van for your holidays.

The thing to remember when renting from a 3rd party rental site, they will provide you with 24/7 after-sales service and give you access to the most amazing rental deals.

Cleaning Fees Charged

Some camper van rentals will charge between $50-$100 to properly clean the rented camper between customers – especially relevant due to specific Covid-19 protocol.

Other camper van owners will not charge this cleaning fee upfront and will wait when you return the van to inspect the state of the van. If it’s extra dirty, they will take it out of your security deposit.

Try to return the camper van in a similar clean state as when you picked it up, and this cleaning cost may not apply to you.

Security Deposit Required

Most rental companies, owners of camper vans, will charge a security deposit that needs to be paid upfront. This amount can range from $500-$1000.

The security deposit will be paid back if the van returns unscathed without any additional damage to the exterior and interior of the van. Extra costs like mileage charges, cleaning charges, or not filling up the tank can be deducted from the security deposit.

Insurance Plans Costs

Taking out insurance on the rental camper van is a good idea, especially when you rent it for a month. Anything can happen to the camper during your rental period, and it’s best to cover any damage via a damage protection policy and regular insurance.

You will automatically be covered with applicable insurance that includes free roadside assistance when renting from Outdoorsy. Insurance plans are available through most rental companies, and if you feel the need to add some extra insurance for your trip, the cost will fall on you.

Some camper van owners will let you jump onto their insurance for an additional fee. Expect to pay $10-$60 per day depending on the level of insurance selected.

Extra Miles Fees

While some camper van rentals come with the freedom of unlimited miles, others do not and restrict the number of miles that you may use the camper for. Should you go over the allowable miles per day, you will be charged an additional fee per mile.

An example:

You rent a camper van for a month, and the owner allows for 100 miles per day – which totals 3,000 miles for the whole trip. Your destination totals 1,600 miles and 1,600 miles back. You will now be charged an additional fee for the “extra” 200 miles that you went over.

The cost of an additional mile can be anywhere between $.25 and $.75/mile. If the owner charges $.50/additional mile, then you are looking at an extra cost of $100.

Campground Fees

Most owners don’t allow off-roading, wild camping, or boondocking with their camper van, as this type of camping can cause unwanted damage to their campers. If this is the case with your rental, you need to plan where to park the camper van during your trip.

Camper van campground fees range from $30-$100 per night, depending on available amenities.

A helpful hint is to book your camping spots before leaving on your holiday, as this will ensure that you don’t have to worry about a place to stay for the night as your trip progresses, and you work the campground fees into your total budget.

Best Camper Van Rental Sites

Here are some top sites that you can use when looking to rent a camper van for a month, a few weeks, or just a couple of days:


Camping in a camper van is an awesome experience and will cost you less than staying in hotels. There are some awesome camper van deals available on the platforms listed in the article. Just be mindful of the additional costs that can be hidden when budgeting for your trip.