Can You Rent A Sprinter Camper Van?

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It’s a question that resounds throughout the hiking community – can you rent a Sprinter camper van? The answer is an unequivocal YES! The trusty and agile Mercedes-Benz diesel van has become the world’s cargo van market leader over the last two decades and is now a stalwart platform for #Van Life and RV outdoor adventure. Let’s track down a few Sprinter camper vans for rent.

Sprinter camper vans are available for rent from RV rental fleets and private Sprinter owners. Online RV and camper van rental services provide a broad spectrum of Class B and Class C Sprinter camper van models with factory-fitted and customized camper bodies and trim and 4×4 Sprinter vans.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the benchmark Class B camper van platform used by commercial RV builders and private van customizers with a proven track record for fuel economy, reliability, and driving prowess in diverse conditions. Many of these factory-produced and project Sprinters are available for rent. Let’s mosey around a few popular online RV rental sites to find your dream sprinter camper van.

Who Rents Sprinter Camper Vans?

Private Sprinter camper van owners, van rental companies, and camper van builders supply a booming RV rental market with high-demand Sprinter derivatives. Online RV sharing hubs and several RV dealer websites offer Sprinter rental services, including Class B, Class C, and 4×4 Sprinter camper vans.

Peer-to-peer RV sharing sites are the best place to start your sprinter camper van search. If the idea of a factory-made van interior doesn’t ring your bell, you’ll find scores of uniquely crafted Sprinter camper vans on:

If your tastes steer more toward the sleek factory-finished look rather than the rustic and quirky, browse these commercial Sprinter camper van rental shops:

For a combination of homespun creativity and factory professionalism at work in a Sprinter camper van, check out these inspiring pro builds for rent (websites and videos):

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the Sprinter rental market, you can focus on finding the Sprinter for your adventure. Let’s home in on a selection of prime suspects.


What Types Of Sprinter Camper Vans Are For Rent?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper vans for rent include factory-built Class B and Class C RVs and turnkey Class B Sprinters from specialist van builders. Bespoke Sprinter camper vans are in high demand, as are Sprinters with solar power and 4×4 drivetrains.   

Before we dive into the galleries of various Sprinter campers, let’s clarify the difference between a Class B and Class C RV.

A Class B RV is a van with a standard OEM body without aftermarket structural modifications.

A Class C RV is a standard van chassis-cab fitted with an aftermarket camper body, usually more spacious than the original van body, with a cab-over bunk section, and often equipped with a slide-out.

  • Sprinter camper vans for rent are available as Class B and Class C RVs.
  • Class B Sprinter camper vans can sleep two to four people (with a loft).
  • Class C sprinter RVs can sleep up to six people.
  • Class B Sprinter camper vans come in short and long-wheelbase configurations, 144-inch and 170-inch, respectively.
  • Class C Sprinter motorhomes use the 170-inch wheelbase.

The off-road, off-grid capabilities of Class B Sprinter camper vans make them a firm favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a few home comforts out on the trail.

Here’s a snapshot of what peer-to-peer RV hubs have to offer by way of Sprinter camper vans right now:

Class B Custom 2016 4×4 Sprinter with solar power –

Here’s a rig to get you deep into the wild country – a 4×4 short-wheelbase Sprinter with premium off-roading components like BF Goodrich all-terrain tires, Sumo springs, and the Sprinter 4×4 package.

A 360Ah lithium battery bank with 300W of solar panels on the roof, plus 22 gallons of water, propane water heater and stove, a cassette toilet, and a complete kitchenware kit give renters all they need to dry camp for at least a week.

The Sprinter sleeps two people and a pet and rents at $295 per night.

Class B 2021 Winnebago Revel 4×4 Sprinter –

For a no-worries boondocking experience, this 4×4 Sprinter offers impressive off-road and off-grid accessories, including solar power with AC and a Warn winch. Work scene lights all around the van’s roof ensure optimum illumination, while raised suspension and a satellite radio add peace of mind.

The van has a complete kitchenware kit, including a coffeemaker. A queen-size bed and indoor and outdoor showers add to the rugged luxury.

At $400 per night, this two-sleeper is one exclusive Sprinter!

Class B 2022 Sprinter Camper with Loft –

Kids love sleeping in a rooftop tent, and this Sprinter ups the ante with a pop-up loft, ideal for a family of four. This compact unit includes an electric generator, a fridge/freezer combo, and an induction oven.

Pets are allowed in this Sprinter, which rents for $200 per night.

Class B 2012 Customized High Roof Sprinter –

This long-wheelbase sprinter camper van expresses the #Van Life ethos of individualism to a T! A combination of repurposed materials, lots of wood, steampunk fixtures, a rental Sprinter with this aesthetic slant is a rarity.

This unit sleeps three people at $202 per night.

Class B 2007 4×4 Sprinter with Solar Power –

Here’s an excellent example of an oldie converted into a contemporary beast. Equipped with solar power, optional e-bikes, and an optional kayak, this recently customized Sprinter will make your expedition to canyon country a trip to remember.

This Sprinter sleeps three people and rents for $195 per night.

Class C 2019 Sprinter Forester with Slide-out –

For lovers of languid open-road travel, the Sprinter Forester has the trappings of a Class A motorcoach, including a slide-out to create extra living space.

Luxury accessories include three TVs, a large awning, a generator, and a washer/dryer. Upgraded off-road suspension allows you to get up into the high country on dirt roads with ease.

The Forester Sprinter sleeps six people and rents for $240 per night.

Class C 2018 Coachmen Prism

This Class C Sprinter is equipped to take full advantage of RV park hookups, making your stay close to great hiking country a home-away-from-home experience. This Coachmen Prism Sprinter sleeps five people and has a freshwater tank, a slide-out, bathroom, and 120V shore power hookup.

This Coachmen Prism Sprinter rents for $219 per night.

Sprinter Rental Tips For Backcountry Trips

The RV rental market is experiencing unprecedented demand, and Sprinter camper vans are a hot ticket, so reserve your German wagon well in advance of your trip.

  • Most private renters offer optional extras, often at no cost, so contact the Sprinter owner before you make the reservation to discuss what is provided and at what cost.
  • You can have the Sprinter delivered and picked up from your home at an extra cost.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the utility hookups, amenities, and tech in the Sprinter before heading out on your trip.
  • If you’re going to boondock, watch out for nails in old random fire pits. Campers often burn old construction lumber and pallet wood for bonfires. Punctures aren’t fun.


The luxury ride a Sprinter offers is reason enough to rent one for a trip into the country. The high-tech safety features, power, torque, and road holding add to the allure of a rental Sprinter, as does the versatility of its chassis. Sprinter owners are a proud bunch, and those who rent out their silver-starred adventure mobiles will make sure you’re equally proud!