How Much Does It Cost To Rent An RV?

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Like most things in life, RV rentals come in different shapes, sizes, and rent costs. The cost to rent an RV will depend on the age and type of the RV you intend to rent and the duration of your trip.

The cost of renting an RV can range from $100-$450 per night, all depending on the RV’s type, size, and age. There are many additional costs when renting an RV, like sales tax, rental insurance, mileage costs, setup fees, security deposits, cleaning fees, and RV campground fees, to name a few.

The good thing about renting an RV and the cost of renting one is your willingness to go bare minimum, or if your budget allows for it, granddaddy cool. You get to decide in what type of RV you will be cruising. There are no stops at expensive hotels, only you and the great outdoors, although you will have to pay a fee at most RV camps.

Renting An RV: The Cost

There is no black and white answer to this question, only a big patch of average grey. Renting an RV can go from very affordable to far out expensive, depending on numerous variables.

Let it be known straight off the bat that renting an RV on peer-to-peer renting platforms will typically be cheaper than the price some RV Rental companies charge.

Renting An RV: The Average Cost Per Night

After scouring the internet for RV rental prices, I found that the following costs were the average price when renting a certain class of RV:

Type Of RVCost Per Night
Class A (10+ Years & Older)$150-$275 Per Night
Class A (Newer Models Less Than 10 Years Old)$350-$450 Per Night
Class B (10+ Years & Older)$100-$200 Per Night
Class B (Newer Models Less Than 10 Years Old)$200-$350 Per Night
Class C (10+ Years & Older)$100-$200 Per Night
Class C (Newer Models Less Than 10 Years Old)$200-$400 Per Night
Travel Trailer (10+ Years & Older)$50-$125 Per Night
Travel Trailer (Newer Models Less Than 10 Years Old)$125-$200 Per Night
Fifth Wheel (10+ Years & Older)$60-$150 Per Night
Fifth Wheel (Newer Models Less Than 10 Years Old)$150-$300 Per Night
Campervan$75-$150 Per Night
Toy Hauler$100-$200 Per Night
Pop Up Camper$50-$100 Per Night


The average cost when renting an RV will vary depending on who you rent it from. RV rental companies tend to be a little more expensive. In contrast, peer-to-peer platforms like Outdoorsy allow you to rent from RV owners, which translates to a lower cost per night.

Another important factor when renting an RV is luxury. You can have two of the same year model RVs and pay different prices to rent them for the night. Here, the luxury amenities fitted in one can increase the cost.

When renting an RV for longer periods, the owners and renting companies usually work in some form of discount, like pay for 5-days get the 6th day free.

When renting an RV for a week or more, you could see the nightly cost decrease considerably, especially when the renting period extends to a month.

The cost per night is the most expensive part of renting an RV. However, there are other costs that you need to take into consideration when budgeting for a holiday in an RV.

Additional Costs When Renting An RV

Before you get excited about the potential cost of hiring an RV listed above, we need to stop you in your tracks and list the other additional costs when renting an RV.

These fees should be added to your total expenses list to create a clear picture of the possible cost of your trip.

Tax Will Be Charged

Let’s start with the only constant in our lives. You will pay tax when renting an RV online. The tax percentage will be applicable in the state where you will pick up the RV.

Rental Insurance

The most important element of renting an RV is protecting it via an insurance policy which can be added to the total cost. Imagine anything happening to the RV, and you have no insurance.

Your holiday trip will not be as enjoyable anymore, especially if you are liable to replace the owner’s RV. When you decide to rent an RV from Outdoorsy, you receive up to $1 million in insurance coverage from them for free. The insurance includes roadside assistance.

Additionally, you can add Trip Insurance and Damage Protection by paying an % of your rental cost:

  • Trip Insurance: Get your money back in case of emergency cancellation or trip interruption.
  • Damage Protection: Will protect you when appliances break or if damage occurs to the interior of the RV.

Some RV owners will let you hop onto their insurance for an additional fee.

Delivery And Setup Fees

Many RV owners include the option of delivering the RV to the campground you will be staying at. Some owners will even set it up for you, so all you have to do is start enjoying your holiday when you get there.

The delivery and setup service costs can range from $100-$200 depending on the delivery location.

RV Parks And Campgrounds Cost

Should your holiday plan include staying at RV parks and campgrounds – expect to pay from $30-$100 depending on the camp and its amenities. Additional fees can include visits to State Parks.

Boondocking and camping dry are free of charge, but remember that these options mean fewer amenities for you and the family.

Gas And Mileage Cost

Please note that some owners will set specific limits on mileage (some on generator usage), and if you exceed these limits, they could charge you per mile or hour for extended generator use.

Most owners want you to fill up the tank before returning their rig. Should you not return the tank filled up to the brim, they will charge you the cost for filling it up themselves, and some even charge a fee between $20-$50 for them to drive to a gas station.

Many companies that rent out RVs charge a set amount per mile, typically ranging between 35 to 50-cents per mile. Look for RV rental companies that offer unlimited mileage if paying per mile is not your cup of holiday tea.

Today, filling up a 150-gallon tank is enough to make a grown man cry. Be sure to work the estimated fuel price into your budget list.

Cleaning Fees

Tip of the day – Clean the RV before returning it. Some renters will charge a cleaning fee between $50 and $100 to clean your mess.

Generator Cost

Most RVs come fitted with a generator. You could be charged a minor fee to use the generator during your trip. Excessive use during the hot summer months may increase this specific cost.

Cost Of Bedding And Utensils

When it comes to cooking utensils and bedding, you have two choices:

  • Bring your own.
  • Ask the RV rental company to provide these items for your trip.

If they provide the utensils and bedding, expect to pay for the service.

Pay A Security Deposit

A security deposit is required when booking an RV, which you will get back when you return the RV in similar condition as when you fetched it.

An average security deposit is $1,000. To ensure that you get this money back, ensure that you take out the applicable insurance for any accidents that may result in the renting company taking some of the deposit to cover the loss/damage.

Where To Rent An RV

When deciding to rent an RV for your long-awaited holiday, you should start looking at tried and tested RV rental companies. They offer the best service, and you must have someone to contact when things go awry.

The following RV rental companies will ensure that your rental agreement is set in stone and also provide you with the required insurance options, and a host of rental options that suits your budget requirements:


Renting an RV should not be a difficult experience. Finding the right RV for your holiday adventure is easier when you try one of the renting companies listed in the article. Please factor in some of the additional costs that are not included in the price for renting the RV, and you won’t run out of money mid-holiday.