How Long Is The Hidden Canyon Trail In Zion National Park?

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Regardless of how many times you have visited the spectacular Zion National Park, the opportunities for a thrilling sightseeing adventure are seemingly endless. In-between more famous trails like Observation Point and Weeping Rock lies hidden gems like The Hidden Canyon trail. So, how long is The Hidden Canyon trail in Zion National Park?

The Hidden Canyon Trail in Zion National Park is a roughly three-mile-long roundtrip with an elevation gain of approximately 1000 feet. The hike is relatively strenuous and can take two to three hours to complete. Once at the mouth of The Hidden Canyon, hikers can continue exploring further.

Zion National Park promises to be a world of adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and those willing to spend time and energy to find some of the most beautiful landmarks that the world has to offer. Discover how long The Hidden Canyon trail in Zion National Park is, how long it takes to hike, and what you need to prepare for this epic Utah hike.

How Long Is The Hidden Canyon Trail In Zion?

For outdoor enthusiasts and avid hikers, if there is one place that you have to visit more than once in your lifetime, it would undoubtedly be Zion National Park. This paradise located in the heart of Utah is arguably one of the best National Parks in The United States, teeming with opportunities for adventure and unforgettable views.

One of these special adventures is The Hidden Canyon trail – a mesmerizing trail that moves through the east side of the main canyon. The Hidden Canyon trail can easily be described as a hidden gem in Zion National Park. The trail is somewhat nestled between the Weeping Rock trail and the trail to Observation Point.

Typically speaking, Observation Point and Weeping Rock see far more foot traffic than The Hidden Canyon trail since they are considered two of the best hikes in Zion National Park. However, any experienced hiker knows that less foot traffic usually makes for a far greater hiking experience – nothing beats a secluded hiking experience surrounded by nature’s beauty!

One of the reasons people often overlook The Hidden Canyon trail is that it does not offer the same kind of mesmerizing views that many of the other trails like Observation Point or Angel’s Landing have to offer. However, if you know anything about Zion National Park, that does not mean that The Hidden Canyon trail does not have any of its own beauty on display.

The Hidden Canyon trail is teeming with stunning rock formations, lush greenery, and unique views of the canyon. However, something important thing to be aware of is that those with a fear of heights might want to avoid this trail. Long sections of The Hidden Canyon trail require walking on exposed, narrow cliff edges. There are chains to assist with balance, but that might not be enough to comfort those with a fear of heights.

The seventh stop of the Zion shuttle takes you to the Weeping Rocking trailhead, which is also where The Hidden Canyon trail begins. After barely any hiking, the trail veers to the left to continue with the Weeping Rock hike or to the right for The Hidden Canyon trail, which is shared with the Observation Point and East Rim trails.

From this point, your endurance will be tested as the trail becomes a series of long and somewhat strenuous switchbacks. After hiking the switchbacks for roughly a mile, The Hidden Canyon trail finally breaks away from the Observation Point trail. However, if you have the stamina, hikers are welcome to do both hikes for a full day of fun and adventure.

Although the switchbacks get shorter from this point, they also become steeper. However, this stretch is not too long. Hikers will then see a small but beautiful tree-filled canyon which serves as a great spot to catch your breath. At this point, you need to be prepared to handle heights, as this section of the trail is not kind to those with a fear of heights.

Hikers will have to climb a stone staircase before reaching a narrow trail on the cliff’s edge. This is undoubtedly the most thrilling part of the trail and gives hikers a strong sense of adventure. The views here are stunning, and although the cliffs are exposed, there are chains in the rockface to help maintain balance if necessary.

After a while of hiking along the cliff, hikers will finally arrive at The Hidden Canyon. The official trail runs for roughly a mile into the canyon; however, hikers can continue for as long as they would like. However, the further into the canyon you go, the more obstacles become advanced. Rock scrambling and climbing over fallen trees will be necessary.

Overall, The Hidden Canyon trail is roughly three miles long and can take three to six hours to complete. The wide range in the time it takes to complete is dependent on how long hikers spend soaking in the various views and how far past the official trail hikers choose to trek. Sticking to the official trail should only take roughly two to three hours to complete.

Preparing To Hike The Hidden Canyon Trail

As is the case with any hike, preparation is vital to ensure that you have the best possible hiking experience. The Hidden Canyon trail is somewhat strenuous, so ensuring that you are adequately prepared needs to be a high priority.

Firstly, we would not recommend The Hidden Canyon trail for hikers looking for kid-friendly trails. For the most part, the trail is somewhat suitable for small children, but the narrow path along the cliff edge is the section that we would not recommend taking kids to.

Secondly, due to the somewhat strenuous nature of this hike, a good pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots are recommended to ensure a good grip, comfort, and foot support along uneven paths.

Thirdly, a hat and sunscreen should never be forgotten when hiking in Zion National Park. Although there are shady spots along many of the trails, most sections of the trails are directly exposed to the sun, so make sure to have enough protection.

Lastly, take a camera or your phone to snap a few photos of the beautiful rock formations and other exciting sightings that you may come across. The Hidden Canyon trail is teeming with opportunities for unforgettable memories.


Overall, The Hidden Canyon trail is a roughly three-mile trail with somewhat strenuous obstacles to navigate. However, the trail offers plenty of opportunities for thrilling adventure and unforgettable memories, so make sure not to pass by on a chance to hike the epic Hidden Canyon trail in Zion National Park.