How Long Is The Weeping Rock Trail In Zion National Park?

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If there is one place on earth that has a comprehensive collection of fascinating sightseeing opportunities, Utah’s Zion National Park undoubtedly needs to be mentioned. While many of these landmarks require strenuous hikes to get to, there are several that are far more family-friendly. So, how long is the Weeping Rock Trail in Zion National Park?

The Weeping Rock Trail in Zion National Park is a short, easy hike with a distance of only a 0.4-mile roundtrip. Although the path leading to the landmark is a steep uphill, the hike is still suitable for families with small children. Only 30 minutes is required to complete the roundtrip.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that all of the best landmarks in Zion National Park can only be reached via long and strenuous hikes. There are seemingly endless opportunities available for those who require a fun yet easy, family-friendly adventure. Discover how long the Weeping Rock Trail is if it is worth it, and what you’ll need to prepare for this famous landmark hike.

How Long Is The Weeping Rock Trail In Zion National Park?

Utah’s Zion National Park is undoubtedly where you want to find yourself if you are looking for an unforgettable day of fun and outdoor adventure. Indeed, whether you are a seasoned hiker or prefer short strolls with the family, you will find everything you’re looking for in what could easily be considered one of the best National Parks in The United States.

Many of the famous landmarks within Zion National Park have a reputation for being extremely difficult to get to. Indeed, long and strenuous hikes seem to be the only ticket to some of Zion National Park’s iconic landmarks like Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, and Observation Point. However, is this truly the case with all of Zion’s landmarks?

On the contrary, several famous landmarks within Utah’s Zion National Park do not require lengthy and strenuous hikes to reach. Instead, many famous landmarks can be reached via family-friendly trails, proving that this National Park is undoubtedly one of the best to visit regardless of your hiking experience.

One of the many famous landmarks in Zion National Park is known as the Weeping Rock. Weeping Rock is one of the main tourist attractions in Zion National Park, and thanks to its easy accessibility, this landmark sees countless numbers of people every year.

The Weeping Rock is an alcove with a shape reminiscent of a large bowl. The water that is seen coming out of the rock is caused by water that moves slowly with the sandstone formations that eventually reach an impenetrable layer of rock and is then forced to go out of the side of the rock, causing a “weeping” effect.

What is fascinating is that the water that you see coming out of the rock is likely up to a thousand years old – that’s how long it can take for the water that probably came from rain to travel through the rock! The sight itself is not all that beautiful. It is more so the fascination of water permeating through the rock that attracts so many people.

The “weeping” of the water has created a beautiful, lush garden that hangs off the side of the rock walls, creating a small stream below. It is worth mentioning that this is not the only weeping wall in Zion National Park; however, this is unquestionably the most popular one that has been set up as a monument within the Park.

The trail to the Weeping Rock is by no means a strenuous type of hike. The trailhead is located at the seventh stop of the Zion shuttle, deep within the heart of Zion National Park. There is a small hiker’s bridge from the parking lot that you will need to cross, followed by a left turn that takes you directly onto the trail towards the Weeping Rock.

The trail is paved, short, and relatively steep. Although steep, the trail is not too difficult to hike up. However, it is not recommended for wheelchairs to be used on this hike, as it might be too steep to push all the way. After a mere ten-minute walk, you will reach the iconic Weeping Rock and enjoy the incredible sightings of the lush greenery.

Overall, the Weeping Rock Trail is a mere 0.4-mile roundtrip, making it highly suitable for families with small children or those with little to no hiking experience. Even with taking time to observe the fascinating Weeping Rock and its surroundings, the hike should take a total of 30 minutes to complete.

Is The Weeping Rock Trail Worth it?

Since you have more information about the nature of the Weeping Rock Trail, you might be wondering if choosing to embark on this famous hike is worth it. The answer to that question has two sides to it that we will explore.

Firstly, for those who are more interested in a sightseeing opportunity instead of a lengthy hike, the Weeping Rock Trail is arguably one of the best opportunities for you in Zion National Park. The short uphill path is by no means overbearing, and it is only a short journey to your desired destination.

On the other hand, if you want more of a traditional hiking experience, then the Weeping Rock Trail is probably not suitable for you. There simply isn’t enough of a challenge here for a seasoned hiker. However, the trail to Weeping Rock does split and heads towards Observation Point, which would be a much more suitable adventure.

Preparing For The Weeping Rock Trail

Because the nature of the Weeping Rock Trail hike is short and easy, there is very little preparation needed to enjoy the best possible experience – especially when compared to other hikes in Zion National Park like Angel’s Landing, for example.

All you will need are a few hiking essentials, including comfortable walking shoes, water, a hat, and sunscreen. Lastly, take a camera or your phone along to take a few photos of this iconic Zion National Park landmark! It truly is an incredible sight to behold.


All in all, the Weeping Rock Trail is a short and easy 0,4-mile roundtrip. The hike is an excellent option for families looking for a quick outing since the hike should only take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The Weeping Rock is a fascinating sight to behold, so do not pass by on an opportunity to see it!