How To Do A Bunny Hop On A Skateboard

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The bunny hop is a basic skateboarding trick that will expand your repertoire as a beginner. It’s one of the easiest tricks to learn, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to master it.

How Do you Bunny Hop on a Skateboard?

To perform a bunny hop, you must reach down and grab your skateboard and then jump into the air.

It’s as easy as that.

Here’s how to perform a bunny hop as a complete beginner.

Start Simple

To begin with, learn how to perform a trick known as a cannonball grab. This is when you grab both the nose and the tail of the skateboard and then jump.

Simply adopt your usual riding position with your feet over the bolts of the skateboard. Grab the tail with one hand and the nose with the other, and then jump while holding the skateboard.

Unlike an ollie, you don’t need to worry about slick and controlled movements as you’ll be pressing the skateboard to your feet. Just hold, jump, and then let go when the wheels hit the ground.

Advance to a Single Hand

Once you get the cannonball jump down, it’s time to try the bunny hop with a single hand.

Adopt the usual stance and then place your front hand behind your legs. Grip the back rail, hold, and then jump.

Mix it Up

After you have mastered the bunny hop from a stationary position, it’s time to practice some rolling moves.

It’s the same trick, only you’re doing it while the skateboard is rolling so it requires more balance.

After nailing these tricks, incorporate spins and other variations and even add them to trick lines.

Tips for Mastering the Bunny Hop

If you’re struggling with the guidelines above, keep the following tips in mind:

Focus on Foot Placement

Try adjusting your feet to adopt a stance that feels a little more comfortable.

You may feel better with your front foot in the center of the bolts and your back foot just beyond them. Foot placement is very important and can make a huge difference.

Don’t Rush It

Like all tricks, the bunny hop is not something you should expect to master straight away. It might look easy on those YouTube videos, but that’s because the guys teaching it are experienced skaters. To them, basic tricks like this are second-nature.

Stick with the Basics

Don’t run before you can walk. Or, in skateboarding terms, don’t perform a moving bunny hop before you can perform a stationary one.

How Do You Jump a Curb on a Skateboard?

You can ollie up and over a curb, but there’s no need and there is an easier way.

As you approach the curb with your front foot over the front bolts, press down and lift the front of the skateboard over the curb.

Keep your weight on the front of the skateboard and relax your back foot. The back wheels will hit the curb and take you over.

It will take a little practice to master this and you’ll need to watch your speed and clearance. If you’re not pressing hard enough with your front foot, you’ll hit the curb. The same applies if you’re going too fast, in which case you could be thrown off the skateboard.

What is the Bunny Hop Video?

There is a bunny hop video out there from Chocolate Skateboards. You can find it here on YouTube. It’s a fun watch and stars riders like James Capps, Jesus Fernandez, Jordan Trahan, Stevie Perez, Kenny Anderson, Raven Tershy, Erik Herrera, Carlisle Aikens, and Vincent Alvarez.

It also features appearances from Chris Roberts, Rick McCrank, Jeron Wilson, and Simon Bannerot, among others.

After a long dramatized intro showcasing the story behind the video, it features skating footage from a number of stars.

The footage doesn’t specifically relate to bunny hops, but it’s a great watch, nonetheless. If you’re not interested in the story of the video, just scroll to the description where you’ll find timestamps for the skaters.