Skateboarding Quarter Pipe Tricks And Moves

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Now that you have your very own skate ramp, it’s time to put it to good use and start practicing some tricks.

The following tricks can all be performed on a quarter pipe.

The Drop In

The first thing you need to learn is how to “drop in”, which is when you literally drop into the quarter pipe and skate down it.

Start at the platform on the top of your new skate ramp.

Place the tail of your skateboard on the edge and press down with your back foot, leaving the rest of the skateboard pointing straight out and placing your other foot behind you.

Place your front foot near the bolts for the top trucks while keeping your weight on your back foot.

When you’re ready, simply shift your weight forward and push it onto your front foot while leaning forward.

Keep your weight centered, commit to the ride, and don’t try to do anything too fancy.

Perform this technique a few times until you are comfortable with it and can do it without issue.

Frontside Ollie

The ollie is a staple trick and while it’s often used on flat surfaces, it can also be used on a quarter pipe or half pipe.

Approach the quarter pipe at speed and at a slight angle.

Bend your knees and assume the ollie position.

Pop the tail of the skateboard just as the front truck passes the coping.

Use your upper body to guide yourself into the turn, shifting as you pass 90 degrees and head back to the ramp. Use your front foot as a guide, pressing down on the nose and preparing for the landing.

Both of your trucks need to hit the ramp for this trick to work.

Nose Stall

The nose stall is one of those tricks that look easy but will result in a lot of slips, falls, and frustration.

Skate up the ramp and shift your weight to the nose, landing it on the coping and holding it there.

The difficult part is getting back down, as you’ll need to ride fakie, which means you’ll be riding backward.

Axel Stall/50-50

Another basic trick that involves the coping, this one requires you to complete a sharp 45-degree turn at the top of the transition, landing both of the trucks on the coping. To finish the trick, just rotate 45 degrees again and drop back in.

When you get comfortable performing this trick, try hitting the transition from an angle and at speed, allowing to you grind along the coping for a 50/50.

Nose Blunt

A nose blunt is when you jump, turn, and then stick the nose of the skateboard on the coping.

It’s a tricky move for a beginner, but one that you can build up to.

To perform the trick, simply ollie up the ramp, perform a 180, and then balance the nose on the coping, keeping your front foot on the nose and holding the position for a second or two.

To drop back down the skate ramp, just lift the trucks back over the coping, preferably by using a nollie, AKA “nose ollie”.