What To Do With & How To Fix A Broken Skateboard

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Skateboards are designed to take a beating.

They are made from multiple layers of strong wood, making them strong, durable, and capable of taking every drop, grind, and jump.

But they are not indestructible and if you keep testing them, they will eventually break.

It might occur gradually over time.

It might happen following a single landed trick.

Whatever the reason, a broken skateboard can feel like a punch to the gut, but it’s not the end of the world.

If you have a broken skateboard deck, you might be able to repair it.

If not, there are some ways that you can reuse that board and ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

Option 1: Repair Your Broken Skateboard Deck

Before you can fix a broken board, you need to remove the old grip tape.

Use a hairdryer to loosen the corner of the grip tape and then peel it off and discard.

There are a couple of ways that you can fix your skateboard if it has completely snapped in half.

The easiest is to use duct tape and other strong tapes.

Just wrap the damaged area, make sure it’s intact, and start riding again.

You can also try fastening/taping another piece of wood onto the board, but unless you have a lot of tape or glue, it won’t work.

If the board has been cracked but is still relatively intact, the process is much easier.

Simply buy some epoxy resin, mix it up, and inject/pour it into the cracks.

It will seal everything neatly and once the epoxy has dried; you just need to sand it down until it is nice and smooth.

Once the board is fixed, you can apply another sheet of grip tape.

Can You Always Fix a Broken Skateboard?

It depends on how damaged it is.

When the board has completely snapped, it’s much harder to fix.

A little epoxy resin won’t help you if the board is in bits.

If your deck has been worn down and has snapped in multiple places, it’s probably not worth saving and will be more hassle than it’s worth.

In such cases, you may be better off trashing the deck and buying a new one.

But don’t throw that broken board away just yet.

Skip to Option 3 on this list to discover some unique uses for a broken board.

Option 2: Replace Your Broken Skateboard Deck

If you have only broken the skateboard deck, that’s all you need to replace.

It’s one of the most expensive parts of a skateboard, but it’s still just one piece of the puzzle, and buying a new deck is cheaper than buying a new board.

Learning how to install grip tape, attach wheels, and perform other basic maintenance is essential if you want to save money as a skater.

It means that you can easily repair broken parts and upgrade weak parts.

Option 3: Reuse Your Broken Board

A broken deck shouldn’t be discarded—it can still serve a purpose.

Here are a few ways that you can reuse your damaged or snapped board:

Wall Art

That deck has gotten you through a lot of fun rides and cool tricks.

It’s time to honor it by giving it pride of place in your home.

Simply hang it on the wall or make it the centerpiece in a homemade art project.

Not only will it look cool and unique, but it gives you an excuse to talk about your skating history every time a guest draws attention to it.

A Swing

If the board is still intact, you can turn it into a swing.

Simply hang it from some rope or chains and you have a fun little indoor or outdoor swing!

If you’re using it indoors, make sure that the rope/chairs and the hooks will actually hold your weight.

Use the Wood for Furniture

Do you know how to make your own furniture? If not, now’s the time to learn.

A broken skateboard deck can make a great piece of furniture.

After all, while you no longer have a solid deck for skating, you still have a couple of pieces of multi-layer maple or other quality wood.

You can sand and varnish them before turning them into coffee tables, stools, and children’s toy furniture.

Skateboard Hooks

One of the most creative uses for old boards is to turn them into hooks for new boards.

Simply remove the nose and the tail, screw it into the wall, and drill some hooks.

You can now hang your skateboards off your upcycled hooks.

Alternatively, the hooks can be used to hang shoes, hats, coats, and canes.


If you are able to restore your board by attaching some wood over the broken areas, you will have a readymade shelf! Just nail some hooks into the wall and hang it.

Summary: What Do You Do With a Broken Board?

As you can see, there are a couple of ways that you can fix a damaged skateboard, and if all else fails, you just need to buy a new deck and then find a use for the old one.

Its skating days may be over, but it can still serve a purpose!