You Don’t Know Mega Ramps If You Don’t Know Elliot Sloan

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Elliot Sloan is a pro skater who turned pro aged 18.

He is known for his skills on the vert ramp but has also earned a reputation for his epic mega ramps, including an 18-foot monstrosity that has been skated by some of the best pros in the world, including Tony Hawk.

Who is Elliot Sloan?

Elliot Sloan is a US skateboarder raised in New York City.

Born in July 1988, Sloan worn his first gold medal at the Summer X Games back in 2013 and this was followed by multiple silver and bronze medal wins, most of which came in the Skateboard Big Air category.

In 2016, Sloan was won his first gold medal at the Nitro World Games in the Skateboard Best Trick contest, and he followed this with gold in 2017 and silver in 2018.

The big air specialist cites Tony Hawk as one of his biggest influencers and Sloan is considered to be one of the best pro skaters and big air skaters in the world right now.

The Elliot Sloan Mega Ramp

Elliot Sloan’s passion for big air skateboarding led to the creation of his “Mega Park”, a colossal undertaking that took many years to complete.

According to Sloan, the idea for the park came several years ago when he received parts of a ramp from Tony Hawk.

Hawk had just used the ramp on his tour but it was sitting in a warehouse and he needed to make some space, so Elliot Sloan took it off his hands.

The ramp was assembled and then made bigger.

As it grew, it eventually expanded into a massive park, with Sloan’s dream becoming realized in the spring of 2020.

The Mega Park was unveiled via a swooping bird’s-eye video followed by some footage of Elliot Sloan skating on it.

In the months that followed, the park welcomed a number of other guests and you can find footage of them on YouTube.

One of those riders was the young Sky Brown, a Japanese-British skater who spends her time between Japan and the US but represented Team GB at the Olympics, winning a bronze medal.

Brown was just 12-years-old at the time she skated the Mega Park.

Where Is the Mega Park?

The Mega Park is located on Elliot Sloan’s private compound in Vista, California.

It means that you can’t just grab your board and try the park out for yourself.