Who Is The Surfer Alex Knost?

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Who is Alex Knost, what do surfers think of him, what does he do with his free time, and where does he live?

In this short guide to Alex Knost, we’ll answer all of those questions and more.

Who is Alex Knost?

Alex Knost is an actor, surfer, artist, and guitarist. He grew up in Costa Mesa, California, which is just south of Los Angeles.

He’s a bit of a polarizing figure in the surfing community, but regardless of what people think about his style, attitude, and music, it’s hard to ignore his talents on a surfboard.

He’s also someone who is not afraid to explore new mediums and to work hard, which should be commended.

How Old is Alex Knost?

Alex Knost was born on May 15, 1985. That makes him 36 years old as of late 2021.

What Band is Alex Knost in?

Alex Knost’s band is Tomorrow’s Tulips. They describe their sound as “equal parts pop experience and esoteric interests”, while noting that “internet whispers” place in them “bummer pop” and “loser rock” categories.

It’s laid back, to say the least, and there are elements of grunge, indie rock, post punk, and pop. Some of the band’s albums include Harnessed To Flesh, When, Experimental Jelly, Eternally Teenage.

In the past, Alex Knost fronted a band called Japanese Motors. They released a self-titled album in 2008 and currently get around 4,000 monthly listens on Spotify. That initial release, which one critic called “boring, [but] not awful” seems to be the only album that the band produced.

He is also active in the Glitterbust band, alongside Kim Gordon.

Music is clearly a big part of Alex’s life and it’s something that also features in his artwork, which includes many sculptures made from guitars.

What is Alex Knost’s Net Worth?

Alex Knost’s net worth is hard to pin down, but it has been estimated at around $750,000 to $1,25 million.

Who Are Alex Knost’s Sponsors?

Vans is one of Knost’s biggest sponsors and he has been part of the Vans family since 2006.

He has been very active in the Vans Surf program and the company claims that he has been “integral…in honing Van’s evolving surf identity”. He has also done a lot of work with the fashion label RCVA.

Alex Knost Fins

Alex Knost has designed fins that are sold by the Captain Fin Co. These fins include the Alex Knost Sunshine 10 Surfboard Fin, which is made from fiberglass, features medium flex, and has a very wide base.

It’s available directly from Capital Fin Co. and also from Amazon.

Alex Knost Surfboards

Alex’s surfboards are sold under the Brown Microwave Television brand name, also known simply as “BMT”. You can buy them from Thalia Surf and other retailers, although they seem to be in short supply.

Of the ones that we found, all but one had sold out. The boards themselves are available in a variety of shapes and typically retail for between $1,300 and $1,900.