Are Rossignol Snowboards Good?

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Rossignol is a name that every snowboarder knows and one that is associated with high-quality products. Despite that reputation, many boarders turn their backs on Rossignol products and opt for the likes of Burton and Arbor instead.

So, what’s the issue here? Are Rossignol snowboards good and do they represent good value for money?

Is Rossignol a Good Snowboard Brand?

Skis Rossignol S.A. or “Rossignol” (also known colloquially as “Rossi”) was founded in 1907 in Isère, France.

It is one of the best-loved ski manufacturers in the world and has produced a number of world’s firsts, including the first plastic skis.

There is a certain level of prestige to using Rossignol skis, and these products are perfect for even the most experienced and advanced skiers.

The problem is that the same prestige hasn’t transferred to Rossignol snowboards.

There is more marketing hype surrounding Rossignol snowboards than there used to be, and the brand has gone a long way to getting its boards out there, but most snowboarders don’t treat Rossignol boards with the same reverence reserved for Burton Snowboards and other big brands.

Do Rossi Boards Deserve More Respect?

Over the years, there has been a gradual shift in public opinion concerning the snowboard division of Rossignol.

We have seen forum conversations from a little over a decade ago in which questions like, “Should I buy a Rossignol snowboard?” were met with replies along the lines of, “No. opt for a real snowboard brand instead”.

Rossignol is still very much considered a ski company above all else, but the idea that its snowboards are not “proper” and not on par with other top boards is preposterous.

There is nothing wrong with buying a Rossignol board. In fact, if you’re looking for a premium board built to the highest possible spec by an established brand known for quality, Rossignol is perfect.

What Is the Best Rossignol Board?

Rossignol has several top snowboard lines to choose from.

You can get the Circuit All-Mountain Board for just $350, pick up a kid’s board for around $250, or opt for the Rossignol XV, which is currently available for around $650.

The Rossignol XV is one of our favorite Rossi boards. It offers all-mountain versatility with a super directional shape, a large and stiff nose, and a tapered tail.

The XV board also features some of the technology unique to Rossignol, including its Amptek Elite Rocker, the company’s patented blend of rocker and camber that can suit any riding style.

Other Rossi snowboards to consider include:

The Rossignol Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is one of the best freeride boards sold by Rossignol. It’s available in a standard and wide profile and costs $550. You get a lot of board for your buck, and the Juggernaut is perfect for advanced riders.

The Rossignol Juggernaut features:

  • Serrated edge tech for unbeatable grip and edge control
  • Reverse super directional flex
  • Super nimble movement
  • Roller tip and tail for high-speed stability
  • A wooden core from sustainable sources

The Rossignol XV Sushi Wide Splitboard

This quality splitboard is made for intermediate to expert riders. It features a light wood core and a shape that’s perfect for riding powder.

  • Flex 7 rating
  • L.I.T.E frame technology
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • A throwback directional shape
  • Fantastic maneuverability at low speeds
  • Great stability at high speeds

The Sushi Wide is a great board for a surprisingly low price, with a current price of just $499 on the Rossignol website.

The Rossignol XV Sashimi Snowboard

A beautiful and versatile board made in partnership with Xavier De Le Rue and available for around $550.

  • Features L.I.T.E frame technology
  • Reverse directional flex
  • Flex 7
  • Made from sustainable wood

Is Rossignol American?

Rossignol was founded in France and is still largely considered to be a French brand. But as with so many other established brands, Rossignol is pretty international.

It still makes its best racing skis and other products in France, but it has also used factories in Spain, Ukraine, China, and other countries.

What’s more, Rossignol was previously owned by Quiksilver, a company that was founded in Australia and then moved to the United States, and these days it is owned by a Swedish investment group.

It also sells its products to businesses and consumers all over the world.

So, while the company was founded in the shadow of the French Alps and maintains its French roots, it’s pretty much an international brand.

Does Rossi Make Good Boards?

Whether Rossignol snowboards are of similar quality to other brands is debated and ultimately comes down to personal preference, but the brand definitely produces high-quality products.

Where Can I Buy Rossignol Boards?

You can find Rossignol boards at your local shop. If not, they are sold online by many major retailers, including directly from the Rossi store.

What Other Products Does Rossignol Sell?

Rossignol produces a range of equipment and accessories made for the slopes, including:

  • Snowboard Equipment: Whether you’re buying a freeride board, all-mountain board, or junior board, be sure to check out the brand’s snowboard bindings and boots, as well.
  • Snowboard Accessories: Helmets, goggles, beanies, bags, backpacks, travel bags, board bags, and boot bags are all produced by Rossi.
  • Snowboard and Ski Apparel: The brand’s clothing is a little on the expensive side and you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for a ski jacket, but these are premium products that should last for years.
  • Bikes: All-mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, and e-bikes are all available along with clothing and accessories for bikers.
  • Ski Supplies: Rossignol is a ski company first and foremost, so it sells a wide range of ski boots, skis, and ski apparel, all top-notch and all made for serious and demanding skiers.

If you’re buying from the Rossignol website, keep an eye out for sales and discounts. At the time of writing, we’re weeks away from summer and the brand has reduced its ski jackets and other accessories by up to 40%. It’s also offering a 15% discount for customers who join its newsletter, adding up to a substantial saving.

Where Are Rossignol Snowboards Made?

We’re not sure where all Rossi boards are made, but many of the company’s premium products are manufactured in Europe while others are produced in China.

Summary: Should I Buy a Rossignol Snowboard?

If you want the best skis, look no further than Rossignol. If you want an equally well-made snowboard, be sure to include this brand in your search.

With Rossignol, you can get a great board for less than $600. It’s a brand that caters almost exclusively to intermediate and advanced boarders, so there isn’t much here for complete beginners, but if you’re a pro, aspiring pro, or just a dedicated amateur, Rossignol has something to suit your style.