How Often Should You Replace Your Snowboard Bindings?

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Your snowboard bindings should be replaced as often as they need to be, and that time might come sooner than you expect.

In reality, it all depends on how often you ride and what shape they’re in.

How Often Should You Change Snowboard Bindings?

Unlike mattresses and toothbrushes, you don’t need to change your snowboard bindings at a fixed time regardless of their condition.

You only need to change them when they start to crack or are a little looser and weaker than they should be.

How Long Do Bindings Last?

Your bindings should outlast your boots, but your snowboard will outlast both your boots and your bindings.

It could be 5 years; it could be 10 years.

It could also be just a few seasons.

There is no fixed length, as it depends on how much you ride, how hard you ride, and how good the bindings are.

When Should Bindings be Changed?

There are several times when you might want to consider changing your snowboard bindings:

When They Break

It should go without saying, but if your bindings break, it’s time to invest in some new ones.

Some snowboarders will argue that you also need new gear when your old gear becomes worn.

In truth, it depends on how worn it is and whether it’s affecting you on the slopes.

In most cases, worn snowboard bindings and straps will be perfectly fine, but if they look like they’re one sharp movement away from falling apart, it’s probably time to buy new gear.

When You’re Sick of Your Old Board and Bindings

If you’re looking for an excuse to buy new bindings and a new snowboard, then it’s time to buy.

You shouldn’t need an excuse. If you have the funds and you want some new equipment, go out there and get it!

It’s like giving your house a fresh coat of paint—sometimes, you just feel like a change.

They Don’t Fit Your Riding Style

If your style has changed and your bindings are no longer suitable, consider a change.

Generally, a few adjustments to your snowboarding gear should suffice, but if you want new bindings then get them.

When You Have a New Board

If you have a brand-new snowboard and your bindings aren’t suitable, you could invest in a new set to ensure they function properly.