How Should Snowboard Boots Fit?

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You’ve just received your snowboard boots in the mail or you’re preparing for a trip to the shop to try them out.

But how should a pair of snowboard boots fit and feel, and what is the right way to try them on?

How Should a Pair of Snowboard Boots Fit?

Your toes should just brush the end of the boots.

You should be able to wiggle them, but they shouldn’t be too loose and if you can curl them, the boots aren’t tight enough.

A snowboard boot needs to fit snug, and if it’s even just a little loose, you may want to try a different pair.

After all, those boots won’t get any tighter.

The more you wear them, the looser they will become, so if they’re not quite right now, they’ll just get worse with time.

How tight should snowboard boots be?

How do you know if your snowboard boots are too small? Let’s start with the toe.

Your boots should be tight enough around the foot so that your toe just touches very lightly the front of the inside of the boot.

Above all, you want to avoid compromising the circulation in your feet.

Boots that are too tight can cause nerve damage, bruising and blisters.

When in doubt, remove the inner lining and see if your foot touches the ceiling of the shell.

If so, your boots are definitely too tight.

should snowboard boots socks thin or thick?

Wear thin socks.

Definitely thin socks for snowboarding.

Prioritize getting the fit for your snowboard boot, then pick up a pair of thin socks to compliment your boots.

Thicker socks will constrict your blood circulation and may also give you blisters.

Wearing 2 pairs of socks is double trouble. Wear thin socks, got it?

Should snowboard boots be the same size as shoes?

Should snowboard boots be a size bigger than your shoes or should they be the same size?

Using your shoe size to find your snowboard boot size is a good way to begin to find a good pair of snowboard boots.

But that is just the beginning.

Just like any shoe brand, snowboard brands may run wide or narrow, bigger or smaller, may have plenty of arch support or not enough.

Once you find your size range, choose 3 pairs of different snowboard boots to test.

Put them on and move around with them.

Try to mimic the movements you would do on the slopes with your snowboard.

Lung in them.

Rock back and forth from heel to toe and from toe to heel.

Make sure your toes aren’t crammed into the front of the boot.

Be sure they fit comfortably.

If they don’t, move on to another snowboard boot.

Why do my feet go numb in snowboard boots?

If your feet go numb from your snowboard boots is it most likely due to pressure to the top of the foot from your boots.

The top of the foot has many nerves.

If these nerves are compressed while snowboarding you may experience numbness during your riding session and possibly for weeks afterwards depending on how severe the damage is.

If you are experiencing numb feet when snowboarding, trying wearing thinner socks.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, bring your boots to a snowboarding shop and tell them what is happening.

They may be able to adjust your boots for you.

How to Try on Snowboard Boots

Follow these steps to try on your snowboard boots and make sure they fit as snugly as they should:

  • Wear Your Boarding Socks: Wear the socks that you will actually wear when snowboarding.
  • Loosen the Lacing System: Undo all of the laces and make sure the boot is loose and open. Snowboard boots may have multiple lacing systems to loosen. There should also be some paper stuffed inside the boot to help it maintain its shape.
  • Wear the Snowboard Boot: Holding the tongue, slide your foot into the snowboard, lifting the tongue up and out as your foot slides inside.
  • Be Patient; Don’t Force It: The snowboard boot may feel very tight and awkward to begin with. The lacing system and padding may also make it difficult to slide your foot inside. Be patient, and don’t force it if it’s too small.
  • Reposition: Once your foot is inside the snowboard boot, you may need to reposition it. Tap your heels on the floor, bang your toes against the wall, and push your heel down until you feel more comfortable.
  • Tighten: When the snowboard boot feels comfortable, you can tie the lacing systems. They shouldn’t be too tight, though, as you may restrict your circulation.
  • Try Them Out: The final step is to stand, walk, and simulate riding in your snowboard boots by assuming the position. Make sure they feel comfortable, check for pressure points, and pay attention to how your toes feel inside the boot.

Summary: Finding the Right Snowboard Boot Fit

You can buy snowboard boots online.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to shop and you can also save yourself a few bucks.

However, you’ll need to be very precise with your measurements for that to work and you should stick with companies that have a very generous returns policy.

Alternatively, you can head to your local shop and try some snowboarding boots.

Try on a few different sizes and styles and don’t buy anything until you find the perfect boot size.