How To Snowboard Moguls

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The word “Mogul” refers to a powerful and influential person.

It’s a compliment in the entertainment industry, for instance, as it means that your work and your influence stretches far and wide.

In snowboarding, however, it’s a different story.

The term “mogul” means something entirely different in this winter sport, and it’s definitely not one you’ll want to hear too often.

Moguls are something snowboard know about before hitting the slopes.

What Are Moguls in Snowboarding?

Moguls refer to bumpy terrain on the slopes.

They are a series of mounds that are created when skiers and snowboarders make sharp turns, but they can also be created in preparation for a competitive event.

The word has nothing to do with the one mentioned at the outset of this article.

A “mogul” in the context of a great person is basically an altered version of “Mongol”. In a snowboarding and skiing context, the word comes from the Norwegian for “mound”.

How Do You Ride Moguls on a Snowboard?

Snowboarders very rarely get excited about riding moguls, but it’s an important skill to learn.

You will encounter them and so you should know how to deal with them.

To properly traverse those difficult bumps, it’s important to stay loose and agile.

You need to be constantly adjusting your upper and lower body so that you’re ready to quickly adapt to even and uneven terrain.

You can ride over small moguls, but it’s often best to go around them.

Find your line, switch from your toe edge to your heel edge, and slalom through them.

Keep your knees slightly bent, your hips loose, and your back straight.

Your upper body and lower body should also be in alignment, ensuring that your weight is pushed over the top of the snowboard.

Of course, if you’re a complete novice then all of that will sound pretty confusing and very difficult.

But it gets easier with time and the only way to really tackle bumpy terrain is to practice.

If you fall, get back up; if you fail, try again.

Just keep doing it and, eventually, you’ll get the hang of it.

Do Snowboarders like Moguls?

Most snowboarders won’t get excited about the prospect of riding a mogul field or encountering any kind of bumpy terrain.

Are Moguls Harder on a Snowboard?

Riding moguls is definitely harder on a snowboard.

In fact, mogul fields are commonly traversed in competitive skiing and are a skill that most advanced skiers have learned.

What Type of Snowboard is Best for Moguls?

A medium flex snowboard should work best with bumpy terrain.

It has just enough flex to ensure a smooth ride over the bumps.

As for the specific type of snowboard that works best, it’s all a matter of opinion, but there are some great options out there.

Your skill level, weight, and budget will determine which snowboard you choose, but if you stick with medium flex, it should be good enough to help you over those bumpy slopes.

Summary: Riding a Mogul Field and Other Bumpy Terrain

As you can see, moguls are a challenge and one that will test your skill, your knees, and your snowboard.

But as with all aspects of snowboarding, practice makes perfect, and once you get out on the slope and start putting those bumps to the test, you’ll eventually find a rhythm.

Before long, you’ll be tackling those moguls like a pro! Or you can avoid them just the same.