When Is Snowboarding Season?

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In the United States, snowboard season typically begins in late November and lasts until April, although the best time to go will be dependent on where you go.

Snowboard Season at Colorado Ski Resorts

Most Colorado ski resorts open their doors in November or December, with the average date being during the final week of November.

In the 2020-2021 season, most of Colorado’s ski resorts opened between November 26 and November 30, but some (including Kendall Mountain and Silverton) left it until the final week of December.

Most ski resorts in Colorado are shut by the end of April, but some run into May and others leave their decision until the last minute, when they have a better idea of what the weather will be like.

Snowboard Season in California

As with Colorado ski resorts and other US resorts, most California locations like Big Bear and Mammoth Mountain open from early November to late December and close from early April to early May.

There are some variations though, including resorts that may not open until after the New Year, so it’s worth checking the exact date of opening/closing before you plan your trip.

Snowboard Season in Canada

Canada’s snowboard and ski season also runs from April to November, but if you go to Whistler’s Blackcomb Resort, it’s possible to ski and board in June, as well as all of the winter season.

When is the Best Month to Go Snowboarding?

It depends on the location and the resort, but as far as snowfall is concerned, January and February are often the best months to snowboard.

We personally feel that anywhere from the middle of January to the middle of February will provide you with optimal conditions, but it depends on where you’re going.

Some great riding has been had in March when the snow is less quality but the crowds are all but non-existent.

When Can You Snowboard Until?

You can usually snowboard until late April, although snowboard season is coming to an end by this point and while some skiing resorts will stay open, most will be shutting their doors.

When Is the Cheapest Time to Ski and Snowboard?

Skiing and snowboarding vacations are just like any other type of vacation in that you’ll be charged a premium during the holidays.

Ski resorts often charge the most in late December and early January, when they reach peak popularity.

Generally, if the kids are on break at school and everyone is booking their vacations, you can expect those resort prices to skyrocket.

Typically, the cheapest dates for skiers and snowboarders are in January and February, providing the kids are in school.

Of course, if you have kids, then it becomes a little more complicated and you will almost certainly pay a premium to bring them along.

In such cases, just focus on booking outside of the New Year period.

If you can swing it, go snowboard during the week.

It will be cheaper and way less crowded.

Where Can I Ski Outside of Snowboard & Ski Season?

If you can’t wait for the slopes to open in November or December and don’t want to settle for dry slopes, you can find some Canadian resorts that are open in June and there are some similar options in Europe, as well.

As with the United States and Canada, most European resorts open in November/December and close in April, but there is a resort in Finland that is able to stay open until May due to its Arctic temperatures.