5 Best Beginner Surf Spots In Hawaii To Learn To Surf

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When surfing in Hawaii you will be exposed to some of the most peaceful and most tumultuous of waves, and sometimes they can be the same wave.

Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world. Period. They can also be great beaches for beginner surfers and for those looking to learn to surf. Surf spots that are great for beginner surfers include:

  • Barbers Point, Oahu
  • Pine Trees Beach, Kauai
  • Thousand Peaks Beach, Maui
  • Pops Beach, Waikiki, Oahu
  • Breakwall Beach, Maui
  • The Cove Beach, Maui

Surfing at some of these beaches is a game of courage and not for the faint-hearted. Here is a handy guide on some of the best Hawaiian surf spots if you happen to find yourself on the islands.

Surfing At Barbers Point, Oahu

This surfer’s gem is located on the southern coast of Oahu.

It is a surf break with nice mellow waves that rarely turn tumultuous.

Put on your swimsuit and carry your surfboard and be prepared to mingle with the masses who frequent this white sandy beach.

AKA, it can get crowded.

But don’t worry, the real locals (Read: tiger sharks) show up every so often to scare off surfers for about an hour or so.

Surfing At Pine Trees Beach, Kauai

Pine Tree, located at Waioli Beach Park at Hanalei Bay, features a beach break with a sandy bottom and is surrounded by, wait for it, pine trees at the edge of the sand.

The waves are best from October to March.

The surf here is home to local, talented surfers.

Surfing At Thousand Peaks Beach, Maui

This picturesque beach is located on the South West of Maui.

Summer is a good time to tackle the waves that form in varying sizes forming lots of peaks.

This surf spot has large channels that are great for paddling.

You can enjoy long rides at this beach which rarely gets crowded.

This spot is a local favorite and is frequented by longboarders and is suitable for all levels of surfers.

Surfing At Pops Beach, Waikiki

Pops Beach, AKA Populars Beach, is located on the South Shore of Oahu in the heart of Waikiki.

This beach can be surfed year-round and is likely to get crowded in peak season.

It is a fantastic surf spot for both beginners and intermediate surfers and is relatively not crowded due to the long paddle out.  

The waves here are soft and gentle and fun.

Surfing At Breakwall Beach, Maui

Breakwall is located on Lahaina west of Maui.

The waves at this beach come in varying shapes and sizes that can be tackled by longboards, shortboards, as well as SUP surfers.

You can find rideable waves here almost all year round. Keep away from the break wall as it is easy to get caught inside when a strong current hits the wall.

Surfing At The Cove Beach, Maui

The Cove which is located in Kihei, Maui South is a crowded sandy beach.

The waves here are small which makes it an ideal surf spot for beginners.

Advanced surfers are better off finding another wave to surf.

When learning how to surf in Hawaii be cognizant of other surfers around you and drop into someone else’s wave when paddling out.

Have the right attitude and mindset and follow instructions given by your surf instructor.