Best Surf Spots In England

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A palace, a Queen, and posh English accents are likely some of the first things that come to mind when thinking about England. And while each of those has its place, there’s a lot more up England’s sleeve that makes it a special place. England is an outstanding location for surfing, and if you can brave the cold water, you will undoubtedly be in for a treat.

Surfing is a highly popular sport in England. The country is home to some of the finest surf spots in all of Europe, offering consistent waves suitable for all surfers from beginner to pro. Most of England’s top surf spots are found in Cornwall and Devon, including Newquay and Bantham.

England does not typically receive as much attention in the limelight from a surfing point of view compared to other top surfing destinations. However, those who choose to travel here will be pleasantly surprised at the available high-quality surfing experience. Discover why England should be your next surfing destination if you are a passionate wave rider. 

Surfing In England

Surfing and England are two words that are not often paired together – well, if you do not live there, of course. However, England has a thriving surf scene offering both beginner-friendly and world-class waves for thrill-seekers. And part of what makes it so fantastic as a surfing destination is its overall consistency. 

We know what many might be thinking right bout now. Is the weather in England really conducive to surfing? Sure, England cannot really be compared to Hawaii from a weather point of view – not at all, actually – but if you can get past the often-overcast weather, you are guaranteed to have an incredible surfing experience, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Despite its size, England has a massive population of roughly 56 million people. While in and of itself that is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be somewhat problematic from a surfing point of view. When surfing conditions are at their prime, it is highly likely for many surf spots to be significantly crowded, which can hinder your chance at the waves on offer. 

However, don’t let that make you avoid getting into the water because a chance at England’s waves is guaranteed to be one of the best surfing experiences you will ever have. The waves are consistently between four to fifteen feet tall and promise to be an epic surfing experience for beginners and pros. 

When To Go Surfing In England

Undoubtedly, any seasoned surfer out there knows that several factors can significantly affect the kind of surfing experience you can expect to have. These factors include wind, tide, weather, and the overall time of year. Understanding the various seasons and which will be better suited for you is vital to ensure the best experience. 

As previously mentioned, England is a very consistent surfing destination. However, it is still necessary to understand how each season differs based on the overall difficulty that you can expect. Additionally, although some seasons are technically surfable, factors like an extreme cold might be something that you would prefer to avoid – and understandably so. 

England’s prime surfing seasons are the Spring and Autumn months, which offer the most consistent surfing experiences of the year along with some of the best waves that you will ever catch. Both beginner and highly advanced surfers will have plenty of opportunities during these seasons. However, you will definitely need to wear a wetsuit to handle the water temperatures.

Although winter in England is still technically surfable, the temperatures both outside and in the water are frighteningly cold. The cross-Atlantic storms cause some hazardous winds; you do not want to get caught in those. That being said, it is still likely to have an epic surf in England during winter. Just pay close attention to the conditions.

Lastly, summer in England is not the most consistent for surfing and is often very flat. However, when the conditions do pick up, you can expect to enjoy an incredible day out in the waves. Hopefully, you will get to enjoy a little bit of sunshine as well. 

The Best Surf Spots In England

England has a great variety of surf spots that cater to all surfers. Many of the top surfing spots that get a lot of attention are found in Cornwall and Devon. So, to help you plan your next surfing adventure, we will show you a few of the best surf spots in England that are totally worth enduring the cold water. 

Newquay – Cornwall

If you have already heard a little bit about surfing in England, then it’s highly likely that you have heard about Newquay. Newquay is considered to be the surfing hub of England and is the area where you will find some of the best waves that the country has to offer. 

Although Newquay is regarded as England’s premier surfing destination, that does not mean that a beginner surfer won’t get to have their own chance at the waves on offer. The several beaches in Newquay cater to all surfers. A great beach in Newquay for beginner surfers, in particular, is Lusty Glaze.

For the highly advanced surfers out there looking to put their wave riding skills to the test, you will undoubtedly want to make a stop at Fistral Beach. This spot specifically is considered to be home to England’s best wave. However, thanks to its outstanding reputation, you can expect a lot of crowding at Fistral Beach.


Another one of England’s premier surfing destinations is Devon. Devon is packed with great surfing beaches, and once again, both beginner and highly experienced surfers will have several options to choose from here. 

The intermediate and advanced surfers will enjoy the great waves at Bantham Beach in the south of Devon. Though, once again, keep in mind that when the conditions are at their prime, you will likely deal with overcrowding. You will undoubtedly be in for a special treat if you do catch Bantham beach when it’s a little quiet. 

For beginners, Saunton Sands is a great spot that will keep you entertained for hours on end and is a beautiful surf spot to work on improving your wave riding skills.


Despite its size, England has a seemingly endless list of quality surf spots and planning a visit year will be well worth your time to explore as many as you can. From world-class waves to beginner-friendly swells, England has something for every surfer and promises to provide an incredible experience. Don’t miss out on England’s surf!