Best Surf Spots In Rhode Island

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Rhode Island has a few small, treasured surf spots. Unfortunately, there are not many good surf days, and when there are, you will have to navigate between the rocks and the crowds that come to surf. During the summer months, the beaches attract many people. However, during this time, there are unfortunately not many great waves to surf.

Surfing in Rhode Island is primarily done in winter and fall when the hurricane winds bring about good surfing waves. The prime surf spots in Rhode Island are mostly to be found around Narragansett and Newport; however, there are also a few lesser-known surf spots where the locals like to go.

Surfing in Rhode Island is not for the faint of heart, as you are not welcomed by long, sandy beaches when you arrive. You must also be aware of a few essential things before visiting Rhode Island for a surf. Furthermore, you can also read about some of the best spots to surf in Rhode Island.

What You Should Know Before Surfing In Rhode Island

First of all, Rhode Island surfing is not as safe or beginner-friendly as some other surf locations in the USA. This is because Rhode Island doesn’t have sandy beaches. Instead, the island is covered in rocks that have formed from glaciers many years ago.

These rocky shores make for dangerous surf spots, and surfers need to watch out for them. You will have to navigate between the rocks when paddling and be sure to stay clear of the rocky bottoms. You can easily get seriously injured when surfing in Rhode Island, so many don’t recommend beginner surfers go there.

The other main concern when going surfing in Rhode Island is the cold. As mentioned, during the warm summer months, there are no surfable waves. The waves come in the fall and winter months, usually in September or October. Therefore, frostbite and hypothermia are significant concerns for surfers in Rhode Island, and wearing a proper wetsuit is crucial.

Another challenge that comes with surfing in Rhode Island is the crowd. Because there are few excellent surfing days, these days usually draw large crowds out to surf. You will have to navigate the groups and observe proper surfing etiquette to avoid injury. Local Rhode Islanders also don’t appreciate it when visitors drop in on their surf days.

If you want to give surfing in Rhode Island a try and have the proper skill and equipment, a few surf spots are worth a try.

Where To Surf In Rhode Island

The main surf spots are located around Newport and Narragansett. However, these beaches tend to get very crowded when there are good waves for surfing. Luckily, there are also some other beaches worth a try in the area. These beaches are located around Newport, Narragansett, South Kingston, Middletown, and Little Compton.

Where To Surf In Newport

Easton’s beach is the most famous surf spot in Newport. It has a sandy beach and a beautiful view. It also has some of the most reliable swells in Rhode Island. The presence of some smaller waves also makes it a beginner-friendly surf spot.

Some of the earliest East Coast Surfing Championships were also held at Newport. Therefore, many surfers head towards Easton’s beach when the waves are surfable. Therefore, expect a crowd when you travel to Easton’s beach for a surf.

Where To Surf In Narragansett

Narragansett has the most and some of the best surf spots in Rhode Island. There are a few different locations you can go surfing in Rhode Island. The most famous surfing spot is Point Judith.

Due to the rocky shoreline, few tourists visit Point Judith. The water is also freezing, and this area has a lot of boat traffic. This is not a beginner-friendly surf spot, and you should only surf there if you have a lot of experience.

Scarborough State Beach is another one of Narragansett’s famous surf beaches. Scarborough State Beach has many amenities, such as showers and snack bars. Therefore, it draws in many tourists in the summer months.

The waves are better during low tide. However, there are many sharp rocks to look out for. Luckily, this beach also has some less intimidating waves, suitable for non-professional surfers. The best time for surfing at Scarborough State Beach is during winter. Beware of the cold water.

Narragansett Town Beach is the third beach in Narragansett, where people often surf. This beach is sandy and draws many tourists. Most surfers go to the south side of the beach to surf. The best time of year to surf at Narragansett Town beach is in winter, so prepare to have the necessary equipment.

Where To Surf In South Kingstown

The most popular beach for surfing in South Kingstown is East Matunuck State beach. This beach has excellent swells all through winter, and there are nice amenities as well. However, this beach is also quite dangerous. There are many rip currents, lots of rocks, and a potentially hazardous undertow.

Therefore, it is not advisable to surf at East Matunuck State beach if you are not experienced with surfing in rough waters or navigating around rocks.

Where To Surf In Middletown

Middletown is a popular surf spot about five minutes away from Easton’s Beach. The best beach for surfing in Middletown is Second Beach. This beach has some great swells in summer that are perfect for beginner surfers. For skilled surfers, however, winter is still the best time to surf here.

Second Beach has long stretches of sand and broad shores, making it easy to find a good spot during the crowded summer months. It also has many great amenities, adding to its popularity among beachgoers.

Where To Surf In Little Compton

The last stop on this list of surfable beaches near Rhode Island is in Little Compton. The beach is named South Shore Beach. It is a beautiful beach with a rocky shore.

The rip currents here can become quite dangerous. Therefore, it is best to give South shore beach a skip if you are not highly skilled at surfing. As with all other beaches in Rhode Island, winter is the best time to go for a surf in Little Compton.


Rhode Island has some beautiful beaches that are great to visit in the summer. However, surfing in Rhode Island happens mostly during winter, and the beaches suitable for surfing are often a bit dangerous. Therefore, suitable wetsuits and gear are required to surf in Rhode Island, as the winter temperatures can become hazardous.

For skilled surfers, Rhode Island is a challenge. For beginner surfers, there are also a few spots to choose from. It is best to listen to the locals and the lifeguards to ensure a safe surf.