Best Surf Spots In Maryland

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Maryland has no shortage of coastline and water. It is popular for its blue crabs and baseball. Baltimore is a famous historic trading port also located in Maryland. Maryland is a popular spot along the east coast in terms of surfing. What is it like to go surfing in Maryland?

Maryland has some great locations for surfing. The top spots to surf in Maryland are Ocean City Boardwalk and Assateague beach. You can surf any time of year in Maryland, provided the wind and swells work together. Overall, Maryland is a great surf location for all skill levels.

The biggest problems with surfing in Maryland are finding parking and heavily crowded beaches. However, this also means that Maryland has an excellent surfing reputation. You are likely to get some great surfing in. This article discusses the best weather conditions for surfing in Maryland and what to expect when surfing at Assateague Beach and Ocean City Boardwalk in Maryland.  

The Best Weather Conditions For Surfing In Maryland

Although Maryland is busiest during the summer months, this is not when the best surf happens. If you want to go surfing in Maryland in the summertime, you can expect to find waves knee-deep to waist-deep that are most suitable for beginner surfers and longboards. You can still have some great fun, but these are not the best surfing conditions Maryland has to offer.

The best surfing in Maryland happens during winter when the hurricanes bring about serious barrel action. You can expect to find waves waist deep to head-deep in the water that offers plenty of fun for surfers of all levels. However, beginners should know that some paddling is required, as you must paddle past the wave breaks.

During hurricane season, or when storms occur in the deep ocean, Maryland has some of the best surf on the east coast. The wind direction does not matter as much, as you can surf in Maryland with pretty much any wind direction.

The best time to go surfing is when the tide is lower, and you will be happy to know that Maryland has no jagged rocks on the seabed near the shore. There’s nothing but soft white sand welcoming you. In fact, Maryland has hardly any hazards to look out for when surfing. You can simply go and enjoy your time in the water.

There are two main spots to surf in Maryland: Assateague Beach and Ocean City Boardwalk. Each location has some advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss these in more detail.

Surfing At Assateague Beach In Maryland

Assateague beach is a famous surf spot in Maryland. It has excellent waves to offer and is in a beautiful reservation area. You can spot some wild horses running in the marshlands of Assateague beach. When the wind and swells work together, you will be able to have a great surf and perhaps even see some barrels.

To get to Assateague beach, you can use one of two entrances. The first is the north entrance found on route 611, near the end of the route. It is about eight miles south of Ocean City. The second entrance is from the south, about two miles from Chincoteague.

You cannot drive from one entrance to another when you are in the Assateague reservation. The only way to get to the other entrance is by driving back to the main road.

The advantage of surfing at Assateague beach is that it is secluded. There are fewer crowds on the beach and fewer surfers in the water. However, even if it is a crowded day, Assateague beach has plenty of waves for everyone.

You are surfing in a beautiful area and feel far removed from the city when surfing at Assateague beach. In addition, even when the surf is down, there are enough waves for beginners or longboards. Therefore, you can have fun on any day at Assateague beach.

Unfortunately, seclusion is also a possible disadvantage of surfing at Assateague beach. Try and not go surfing there alone in case something unexpected happens to you. On a good surf day, the waves are perfect for shortboards, although they might be too big for beginners.

Another disadvantage is that you might encounter some jellyfish in the water when you surf, especially when there are storms or hurricanes in the deep water. Be sure to pack burn-Eze and avoid the jellyfish when possible.

Surfing At Ocean City Boardwalk In Maryland

The best place to surf at Ocean City is near 8th street. You can expect some reliable and intense left-hand tubes when the swells are northeast. Ocean City Boardwalk also has a large swell window and great surf waves regardless of the wind direction.

The best time to surf at Ocean City Boardwalk is during hurricane season and low tide. The waves will be waist-high to overhead, and you can expect some barrels to surf.

 The main advantage of surfing at Ocean City is that it is easily accessible, and there is surf for people of all skill levels. This is especially true in summer when the waves tend to be smaller, allowing beginner surfers to get some practice. In addition, there are many attractions at the beach apart from the surf, and you can enjoy the spectacular views while surfing.

The main disadvantage of Ocean City Boardwalk is that it can get crowded during surf season. Many surfers will be in the water, all with different skill levels. Ocean City also has some strong currents to look out for, and you will need to do a great deal of paddling to get to where the waves form.

Regardless of where you choose to go surfing, Maryland will deliver on your expectation if it doesn’t exceed them. Although surfing in Maryland is generally safe, you should always be alert. Never turn your back on oncoming waves in case there is a big one coming.


Maryland is one of the best surfing spots on the east coast. The waves are perfect for beginners and are fun when using a longboard during summertime. In winter, however, the best surfing happens due to the hurricane season. You can expect to find great waves and perhaps some barrels.

The two best places to surf in Maryland are Assateague beach, a secluded and beautiful surf spot, and Ocean City Boardwalk, an easily accessible and crowded surf spot. Regardless of where you choose to surf, you are bound to have a great time surfing in the cool waters of Maryland.