Best Surf Spots In Oregon

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Oregon is known for its forests, natural scenes, and uninterrupted coastline. Oregon has a 362-mile-long coast that is clear of islands or reefs. If you enjoy spending time in nature, Oregon is a must-visit place. Oregon also offers some good surfing locations. However, it is important to know when and how to surf in Oregon.

Oregon has great surfing locations. As is the case in most states, fall is the best time for surfing in Oregon. The winter storms are too rough for all except the professionals, while the summer fog can cause temperatures to drop. There are great surf spots, such as Lincoln Beach and Cape Lookout.

If you want to go surfing in Oregon, there are some things you need to look out for. Oregon surfing is not as safe as surfing in some other places, and you need to remain alert. We will also discuss the best time of year to go surfing and some of the best beaches to visit for a surf in Oregon.

Tips For Surfing In Oregon

Much of Oregon’s state is covered with wilderness. The same can be said for the coast of Oregon. Although it is beautiful and majestic, it is also dangerous. There are multiple things to consider when surfing in Oregon.

Take Note Of The Weather When Surfing In Oregon

The coastline of Oregon tends to get pretty cold. The temperature of the water ranges between 40 and 50°F in late fall. Therefore, you must be prepared for the cold when surfing in Oregon. Depending on the time of year, you must wear a wetsuit. A 4/3 wetsuit should do. If the water is closer to 40°F, you should wear booties and perhaps a hood.

The tides and ocean conditions can change suddenly, and Oregon is known to have sneaker waves. Sneaker waves are big, powerful waves that pop up unannounced. They are dangerous if you don’t know how they handle them. So never turn your back on oncoming waves and stay vigilant.

Oregon is also known for its strong currents. Along with the undertow, these currents can easily pull you out to the open sea. Be aware of the currents and stay closer to the beach if you are not an experienced surfer.

Look Out For Rocks And Logs When Surfing In Oregon

Some parts of the Oregon coast don’t have soft, sandy beaches. Instead, they have sharp, jagged rocks. Therefore, it is best to know what the coastline looks like when surfing and avoid any sharp rocks. This is another reason you should keep an eye on the currents to avoid being pulled closer to the rocky areas.

There are also many logs in the waters around Oregon. Although some logs might appear small, if they are waterlogged, they become heavy and can seriously injure you if you get hit by a big log. So keep a lookout for floating logs when you are surfing.

Be Aware Of Sharks When Surfing In Oregon

Shark attacks do not occur often. However, great white sharks are usually found along the coast of Oregon. Be sure to ask the lifeguards about shark sightings and keep a watchful eye out for them while you are in the water.

Be Respectful Of Locals When Surfing In Oregon

The local surfers might not appreciate newcomers dropping in on their precious surf time. Therefore, it is best to be respectful and observe good surfing etiquette when surfing in Oregon. Listen to what the locals say about a specific area. They have more experience surfing in Oregon’s conditions and will give you helpful advice.

Provided you take the correct safety precautions, you should have a pleasant surfing experience in Oregon. Don’t surf in areas that demand a higher skill than you currently have. Once you have taken note of all the hazards of surfing in Oregon, you need to know when the perfect time for surfing is.

When To Surf In Oregon

Fall is the best season for surfing in Oregon. The days are warm enough to heat the water temperatures. In addition, the wind direction is perfect for providing reliable, all-day surfing fun.

Only surfers with ample experience should go into the water during the winter. The water temperatures are cold, and the waves are rough and unpredictable. Winter surfing in Oregon is dangerous and should not be attempted unless you have the required skills.

Spring is another good time for surfing in Oregon. In the late spring, temperatures will increase while the waves decrease to a manageable size. However, freezing northeastern winds are still present and should be accounted for when entering the water.

One might think that summers provide the best weather for surfing. However, fog covers the coast for days on end in summer in Oregon. The fog can cause the water temperatures to drop drastically. Sometimes the water temperature might even be lower in summer than in winter.

When there is no fog, however, summer is a good time for surfing. Especially beginner surfers or longboard surfers will enjoy this time of year.

Now that you know what to consider when surfing and when the best time is to go surfing in Oregon, you might also be interested in the best places to surf.

Where To Go Surfing In Oregon

Oregon offers many great surfing locations. While some are more suitable for experienced surfers, other spots are great for surfers of all levels. Be sure to check the surfing report before heading out to ensure the waves and weather are optimal for surfing.

Here are some good places to go surfing in Oregon:

  • Indian Beach at Ecola State Park
  • Cannon beach, located close to Portland and Salem
  • Short Sand beach
  • Pacific City beach
  • Otter Rock at Beverly beach
  • Agate beach south of Yaquina Head
  • Lincoln city beach
  • Florence South Jetty
  • South Beach State Park, south of Newport

These are some of the recommended beaches to visit for a surf in Oregon. However, many other beaches are also great for surfing. The best way to determine which beaches are worth a visit near your location is to speak with the locals or ask a surf shop where they would recommend you go.


Surfing in Oregon is a unique experience. Although you need to consider various obstacles and hazards, Oregon surfing is well worth the effort. Be sure to prepare thoroughly before surfing and keep an eye on the weather forecasts and temperatures when surfing in Oregon.