Best Surf Spots In The Marshall Islands

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For many people, the Marshall Islands is a place that they have never heard of, let alone be able to tell you where it is. This small island country was once used by America for weapons testing in the 1950s, but today serves as a unique island getaway offering some of the best surfing experiences in the world. The Marshall Islands are indeed a surfer’s paradise.

Surfing in the Marshall Islands is an experience that can only be compared to the likes of Indonesia’s Mentawai island. This remote island country boasts some of the best surf that one could experience thanks to its waves and lack of overcrowding. Beran and Majuro are where most surfing takes place.

If you are the type of surfer who is ready for an adventure and is willing to travel almost anywhere to get it, then a trip to the Marshall Islands could be exactly what you are looking for. What greater way to experience some of the world’s best surfing than on a remote island country halfway around the world? Discover why the Marshall Islands should be your next surfing destination.

Surfing In The Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are by no means well known around the world, particularly in the western parts of the world. However, this island country, located roughly halfway between Hawaii and Australia, is home to some of the best waves that the world has ever seen and is guaranteed to provide you with a unique surfing adventure of a lifetime.

The Marshall Islands were first put on the map of the surfing world when legendary surfer Martin Daly came across the island country while exploring the world for the best surf spots. Daly is also widely known for discovering the quality surf in the Mentawai islands in Indonesia. Ultimately, Daly’s word alone is enough to be trusted about the Marshall Islands being one of the best surf spots in the world.

The quality of the surfing experience in the Marshall Islands can easily be compared to some of the top-rated surf spots in the world, including the likes of Hawaii and Indonesia, to name a few. The waves here are world-class, consistent, exhilarating, and have an average height of anywhere from shoulder height to three-times overhead. 

Although the waves themselves should be enough to go on, they are not the only factor that makes the Marshall Islands such an incredible surfing destination. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of surfing, top surf spots have quickly become highly overcrowded. However, one of the best parts about the Marshall Islands is that it is arguably the most secluded surf spot in the world – especially when compared to other spots of the same quality. 

The best surfers in the world make regular trips to the Marshall Islands for its top-quality waves and secluded surfing experience. And while it can be rather expensive to visit, it will undoubtedly be well worth it.

When To Go Surfing In The Marshall Islands

Any seasoned surfer will be able to tell you that you need to know when the best time would be to visit any surf spot. Several factors, including the wind, weather, and the overall time of year, will play a significant role in the surfing experience that you can expect to have. 

The Marshall Islands are typically consistent throughout the year; however, as is the case with every other surfing destination, certain seasons or times of year are better suited to particular surfing skill levels. While the Marshall Islands would not typically be described as a beginner-friendly surfing destination, there are undoubtedly waves suitable for all surfers.

The best time of year to enjoy surfing in the Marshal Islands is between October and April. This is considered the country’s prime surf season. The weather is fantastic – although that can be said about any time of year here – and the waves are simply unmatched in quality and power. Make sure to visit the Marshal Islands during this time – you won’t regret it.

The Marshall Islands off-season is not quite as “off” as other surf spots around the world. However, it cannot be compared to its prime surf season. Sure, you will undoubtedly be able to catch a few waves, but they will be far less consistent and nowhere near as impressive or challenging. You will still enjoy the beautiful island life, though.

The Best Surf Spots In The Marshall Islands

Alright, now that you are more thoroughly acquainted with the Marshall Island’s surfing experience as well as the best time that you should plan on making a trip there, you are undoubtedly full of anxious excitement waiting to know which spots you need to visit for the best surfing adventure. 

Part of what makes the Marshall Islands different from other surf spots is that the country is not typically broken down into individual surf spots but rather areas that experience great quality waves. So, with that in mind, we will help you to plan your next surfing adventure by showing you the best surf spots in the Marshall Islands.


Beran is undoubtedly the area that you want to visit for the best possible surfing experience in the Marshall Islands. Indeed, it is the waves found here that attract the top surfers from all over the world yet still retain the unmatched quality of offering a secluded surfing experience. 

Beran is the location that Martin Daly has dubbed as the best in the Marshall Islands. So much so that he decided to move here and open up a luxury resort for travelers – specifically surfers. You will be able to stay in luxury while also enjoying some of the best waves in the world. The resort is pricey but undoubtedly well worth it.

The turquoise waters and breathtaking scenery are undoubtedly a real treat as well. Combine all of that with waves reaching heights of up to three times overhead, and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable surfing experience.


Majuro is not nearly as popular from a tourist point of view; however, there is still some quality surf to be enjoyed here. Majuro’s waves are definitely better suited to beginner and intermediate surfers and do not too often have anything to offer the more advanced surfers. 

However, the waves here have been known to reach sizes of up to eight feet, which is more than good enough for advanced surfers.

With that being said, Majuro is still a beautiful place to catch a few waves and still offers that Marshall Islands charm of being able to enjoy a secluded surfing experience. 


Overall, it is undoubtedly every surfer’s dream to be able to enjoy world-class waves without having to compete with hundreds of other surfers for your chance to catch them. The Marshall Islands seem to be the only place to enjoy that experience; making a trip out here well worth it. Do not miss out on a surfing adventure in The Marshall Islands!