Best Surf Spots In Vanuatu

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Formerly known as New Hebrides islands, Vanuatu is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. While Vanuatu still very much lies in the shadow of its neighboring countries like Fiji and Samoa, it has more than a fair share to offer from a surfing point of view. Indeed, Vanuatu is undoubtedly on par with many of the world’s top surfing destinations.

Surfing in Vanuatu is gradually gaining a reputation of equal standing to the likes of Fiji and other top surfing hotspots. Vanuatu boasts some high-quality waves that are suitable for all surfers. The affordability and lack of overcrowding make Vanuatu the ideal destination to catch some waves.

Undoubtedly one of the most difficult parts about traveling to the world’s best surf spots is that they are often extremely expensive places to visit. Thankfully, Vanuatu is an island getaway that has some incredible surf on offer and is by far cheaper than its neighboring countries like Fiji, as an example. Discover why Vanuatu should be your next surfing destination.

Surfing In Vanuatu

Vanuatu is undoubtedly a surfer’s paradise that has remained (for the most part) relatively unknown. Indeed, the island country has long been overshadowed by its neighboring countries from both a surfing and tourism point of view. However, slowly but surely, that is beginning to change as more and more people realize that Vanuatu offers surfers something truly special.

Vanuatu is widely untouched from a surfing perspective. There are undoubtedly still parts of the roughly 80 islands that make up Vanuatu that have yet to be explored for their surfing quality. However, the parts of Vanuatu that have been explored are unquestionably on par with some of the world’s top surfing destinations, thanks to the waves and overall consistency.

As surfing continues to gain popularity worldwide, it is becoming more and more difficult to enjoy a secluded surfing experience. And it is exactly that that makes Vanuatu so special. The waves here are on par with the likes of Fiji; however, crowding in the waves is virtually non-existent. It is undoubtedly every surfer’s dream to enjoy quality waves without the crowds.

The waves in Vanuatu offer lengthy rides and typically reach heights of up six feet and higher. Sure, it might be somewhat of a stretch to say that this is the best place to surf on earth, but it certainly is a top competitor. Indeed, surfers will undoubtedly enjoy the top-quality waves that Vanuatu has to offer. The breathtaking views and secluded experience are a welcome bonus.

When To Go Surfing In Vanuatu

If you have already been on the surf scene for a few years now, you will know that there are several variable conditions that can play a role in the surfing experience that you can expect to have. Everything from the wind, swell, weather, and the overall time of year play a significant role in the quality of the surf.

Another great part about Vanuatu is that surfing here can be enjoyed throughout the year. Indeed, the conditions are almost always near perfect. That being said, for the best possible experience, the best time to go surfing in Vanuatu is between March and December. That’s right, Vanuatu’s prime surf season is the majority of the year. How many other spots could make that claim?

Vanuatu also has an incredible climate. Surfers will get to enjoy some of the best temperate weather throughout the year, and water temperatures very rarely – if ever – drop below 77 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 25 degrees Celsius), so you certainly won’t be needing any form of a wetsuit to surf here, no matter what time of year it is.

Vanuatu’s prime surf season thankfully caters to surfers of all skill and experience levels. It is all about knowing which spots you should visit based on your surfing ability. All in all, beginner and highly advanced surfers will both have plenty of suitable waves to enjoy in the pleasure of a secluded surfing experience.  

The Best Surf Spots in Vanuatu

Alright, now that you know more about Vanuatu’s surfing experience as well as the best time to pay the country a visit for a surfing adventure, there is really only one thing left to cover – and an important one at that. Let us dive into planning your next surfing excursion by showing you a few of the best surf spots in Vanuatu.

Note that most of the best surfing in Vanuatu is found on one of the islands known as Efate Island. Most of the spots that we will cover will be found there.

Erakor Point

First on our list is one of Vanuatu’s surf spots that intermediate to highly advanced surfers will enjoy. Erakor Point is undoubtedly one of Vanuatu’s prime surf spots, and when the conditions here are at their prime, you will not want to miss out on these waves. Ideal waves heights at Erakor Point range from six to eight feet tall – perfect for the advanced surfer.

Even outside of prime conditions, you can still expect good waves ranging from four to six feet tall, with wavelengths ranging anywhere from 50 to 100 feet. Erakor Point does have some sharp coral to watch out for, so this spot should really only be attempted by more experienced surfers.

Port Resolution

Port Resolution is undoubtedly the perfect Vanuatu surf spot for beginner to intermediate surfers. The bay area protects most of the water from strong winds, so the waves here never really get to challenging levels. However, there is still a ton of fun to be had at Port Resolution. For those new to surfing, this is the spot where you want to find yourself at.

Pango Point

Last on our list – but not the last of the surf spots that Vanuatu has to offer – is Pango Point, which in many ways is similar to Erakor Point. Though not as advanced, the waves at Pango Point still reach average heights of four to six feet, which undoubtedly makes for the perfect day of surfing for all surfers. Indeed, both beginners and highly advanced surfers will enjoy this spot.

Coral is also something to watch out for at Pango Point, but it isn’t as much of a concern as places like Erakor Point. Pango Point is also a great place for diving, so surfers will be able to enjoy a whole day of water adventures.


All in all, Vanuatu, in many ways, is one of those “see it to believe it” kind of surf spots. Thankfully this prime surf spot is beginning to gain recognition – and rightfully so! Any surfer would be lucky to enjoy a surfing experience in Vanuatu, and what an experience it will be! Do not pass by on an opportunity to surf the top-quality waves of Vanuatu!