What Size Fish Surfboard Is Right For Me?

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The Fish surfboard is so-named because of its unique fish tail design.

It’s a chunky and heavy surfboard that’s often recommended for beginners and intermediates, essentially serving as a stepping stone for surfers going from Shortboards to Longboards.

But like all surfboard types, the Fish is not a one-size-fits-all.

In fact, if you include retro Fish surfboards and their modern counterparts, the length and width range is quite considerable, beginning at a length of above 4 feet and extending all the way to 8-foot.

That’s a massive difference between the shortest and the longest, and it begs the question: What size Fish surfboard is right for you?

Finding the Perfect Sized Fish Surfboard For You

The general rule of thumb with a fish surfboard is that it should be as tall as you are, or a few inches shorter.

It usually doesn’t matter what your weight is, because the Fish surfboard is very thick and has a lot of volume, so unless you’re carrying a lot of extra weight, it won’t really make a difference.

If you are carrying a lot of weight, you can always get a few inches more than the above rule suggests, but this is usually not necessary.

All surfboards will tell you the exact dimensions and give you an idea of what the maximum weight should be, so you can always just take a peek at this info and see if you’re a good fit.

What if I’m a Pro?

If you are an experienced surfer, you can afford to go a little shorter.

Shortboards don’t have as much stability and are harder to paddle, but they allow for faster turning and can generate greater speeds.

If you have the skill level to deal with those speeds and sharp turns, shave a few inches off the recommendations above.