What Size Longboard Surfboard Should I Get?

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Surfboards come in a variety of shapes and styles, and with so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

If you’re a beginner, a Longboard is always a good start, but even that’s not straightforward, as there are many different types of Longboard.

Is a Longboard Right For Me?

A Longboard is a great learning tool. It’s strong, stable, and very easy to ride.

Whether you’re stepping onto a board for the first time or just need to practice your stance, a Longboard is a great option.

Longboards are a must for beginners and surfers advancing toward the intermediate level.

As an experienced rider, you might want to consider adding a Longboard to your collection for when the waves are small, and the surf is calm.

You can’t sit around waiting for big swells all day and being able to whip out a Longboard every now and then is a great option to have.

What Size Longboard Should I Get?

The width and length of your board are important and should be your main consideration as a beginner.

Ideally, a beginner Longboard should be at least 9’4″ in length and around 23″ in width.

This provides you with some much-needed stability and buoyancy while making it easy to paddle.

You won’t have the same control and agility that you will get with a shorter board, but the added stability and paddling are more important as an inexperienced surfer.

Think of it in the context of a bicycle to a person who doesn’t know how to ride.

You wouldn’t hop straight in the saddle and peddle away.

You would add some stabilizers to give you some extra support and the freedom to ride without constantly falling over.

When you’re ready to progress, you can kick-off those stabilizers and gain more speed and maneuverability in the process.

Of course, the difference is that an experienced cyclist has no use for stabilizers while an experienced surfer can still use a Longboard.

As an experienced surfer, you can play around with the dimensions a little more.

The trick is not to get a Longboard that is too short.

Shortboard surfers will typically go for the shortest length that they can get, as that’s what they are used to, but you want something that is different and provides a unique experience, so go big!

Go up to 9’10”, try some noseriding, and reap the benefits of Longboard riding as a pro!

What About my Height and Weight?

A Longboard, unlike a Fish surfboard or Shortboard, should be able to cater to surfers of all heights and weights.

However, you may want to shave an inch off the width if you’re a smaller surfer and add half an inch if you’re a little on the heavy side.