What Is The Difference Between Glamping And Camping?

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Camping has always been an appealing way to spend a holiday for people who love the outdoors. The peace you experience while sitting by a campfire, staring at the ocean, field, or stars, is indescribable. However, recently, glamping has appeared. So what are the differences between camping and glamping, you might ask?

There are a few key differences between camping and glamping. However, the difference between the two mainly lies in the amenities you get when arriving. When camping, you have the bare minimum to survive. However, with glamping, you can have all the amenities you would at home or a nice hotel.

What amenities are included when you go camping? What amenities are included when you go glamping? Can you do either one at any campsite? These are some of the top questions we will discuss in this article to help you understand precisely the differences between glamping and camping.

How Are Camping And Glamping Different?

As we’ve mentioned, the most significant difference between camping and glamping is the amenities included in the two. When camping, you will only have basic amenities. However, when glamping, you will have almost all the amenities you have at home. Camping and glamping also differ in terms of location. Here are the top differences between camping and glamping in terms of structures, amenities, location, and price:

1. How Do The Structures Differ For Camping And Glamping?

When camping, you will sleep in a tent made of canvas or nylon. You will be required to pitch this tent by yourself. These tents are light and easy to carry. However, they do not have good isolation from the cold and might leak during a rainstorm. In addition, you cannot lock a tent, and they don’t protect you from wildlife.

When glamping, you will sleep in a structure that resembles the shape of a tent but is made from wood, glass, or various other materials. The “tent” will already be pitched as these are semi-permanent structures. These structures are weatherproof and will protect you from wildlife. They also allow for more privacy and can be locked.

2. How Do The Amenities Differ For Camping And Glamping?

When camping, you will likely have some basic amenities. For example, there might be a public bathroom for you to share with other campers. These bathrooms should have toilets, showers, and basins. In most cases, you are required to provide your own toilet paper and soap.

There might also be a communal washing area where you can wash your dishes. Some campsites have electric ports available, but you must supply the plugs and lights you wish to use. Most campers will make a fire to cook food and boil water. Some people also like to bring a gas stove for cooking. Whatever you wish to use for cooking, you must supply yourself.

You will be required to bring your own mattress, sleeping bag, and pillows, along with any other bedding you want to use. Most campsites don’t have Wi-Fi, but you might be lucky enough to have cellphone reception, depending on your location. There aren’t any TVs or electronic devices supplied.

When glamping, you will likely have many of the same amenities as you do at home, including an electric stove, oven, and private bathroom. You are not required to bring a gas stove or make a fire as there usually is a fully functioning kitchen in your “tent.”

You will also likely have a proper bed with a mattress and bedding provided. However, the kind of bed you receive depends on the campsite. You will likely have Wi-Fi access, and the “tent” might also have a TV or other entertainment system.

3. How Does Availability Differ For Camping And Glamping?

Most countries have many campsites to choose from for camping. You can go camping near the ocean, by a stream, river, lake, or even in the mountains or desert. It only depends on where you are and how far you want to drive to go camping.

However, as glamping is not such an old practice, not all cities have glamping options. While some campsites may advertise that they have glamping facilities, these might not be what you expect when glamping. Therefore, camping is much more readily available than glamping.

4. How Does The Price Differ For Camping And Glamping?

There is a considerable price difference between camping and glamping. Campsites are cheap when camping, as only the most basic amenities are provided, and you must supply most of your own things, such as your tent, food, and cooking utensils. The average campsite in the USA will charge between $12 and $45 per campsite per night.

On the other hand, glamping is much more expensive as you pay for a more luxurious experience. You will receive everything you need and must pay extra for these amenities. Glamping prices vary greatly depending on the amenities provided and where you are going. However, most glamping resorts in the USA start at around $145 per night.

The prices for camping and glamping will differ depending on the time of year. There are likely to be in-season and out-of-season prices. Be sure to phone ahead and ask for the exact cost and amenities provided when looking for a location to go camping or glamping.

Camping VS Glamping, Which One Is Best?

Whether you prefer traditional camping or glamping ultimately depends on your personal preference. Do you like setting up your own camp and experiencing the outdoors at its most basic form, or do you want to see the outdoors but with all your homely luxuries included?

In truth, neither form of camping is better than the other. Suppose you are going to an area where predators, such as lions or bears, sleeping in a solid structure might be a safer option. However, if you are going to the beach and would like to hear the waves and smell the ocean, sleeping in a canvas tent might be better.

When camping, you must bring all the necessary supplies and pitch your own tent. You may or may not have public bathrooms, electricity, and cell phone reception. However, you are closer to nature, and the price is much lower when camping in a tent.

You will receive everything you need when glamping and don’t have to pack much. You will be sleeping in a structure that allows for more privacy and offers better protection against wildlife and weather changes. However, glamping is a lot more expensive, and there are fewer spots for glamping than there are for camping.


Camping and glamping differ mainly in the structure you are sleeping in, the amenities provided, the available locations, and the price. Whether you prefer to go camping or glamping only depends on your comfort level and how much you want to pay. Both camping and glamping have their pros and cons, and it is ultimately up to your personal preference which one you prefer.