What is Yurt Camping

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Yurt camping is more closely associated with glamping than your average camping experience. This circular dome-shaped tent is more comfortable than a normal tent and falls somewhere between camping in a tent and staying in a cabin or caravan.

A yurt is a portable circular-shaped tent, and yurt camping is a camping experience that involves camping in a yurt instead of a traditional tent. Yurts offer a more luxurious camping experience and are often referred to as more of a “glamping” experience.

Unbelievably modern yurts offer as much luxury as a camper van or wooden cabin. Yurts can often be set up in about 45 minutes to an hour. They are more structurally composed compared to a tent, and some even come with proper windows and door frames, while others have zipped windows and doors much like a regular tent.

What Are Camping Yurts?

Camping yurts are large dome-shaped tent-like structures that offer comfortable accommodation for camping. They can be found in many camping destinations as an affordable accommodation offering. They offer comfortable housing for a small family. Camping in a yurt is a special experience.

While some yurts come in portable options offering relatively easy setup, other yurts are more permanent structures fixed to one site.

Modern yurts are generally made from canvas, with inner layers made from wool. The inside structure is mostly made from wood. Yurts offer more than your average tent. A yurt can have electricity, beds, furniture, a kitchen, and even a bathroom built onto the yurt.

Camping in a yurt is an amazing way for amateur campers or those who prefer more comfortable camping to enjoy the outdoors. Camping in a yurt also offers a camping experience that doesn’t feel as rustic as camping in a tent, offering more of a homely feeling while still being able to experience nature in all its beauty.

What’s The Difference Between Camping In A Yurt And A Tent?

The main differences between a yurt and a tent include their size, structural differences, and amenities.

Tents are made from polyester but can also be made from nylon, cotton, polycotton, or other fabrics like canvas. Yurts are made from a few layers of fabric, including canvas, wool and have a lattice made from wood covered in felt. Some yurts have fixed windows and doors like houses, while others have zipped windows and doors like a regular tent.

Tents are a lot smaller than yurts and are quicker to set up. Tents are made for short-term stays while yurts can be used permanently; some are even used as houses. Yurts are often made stronger and more durable than tents and made from tougher fabric.

Yurts are built big enough to accommodate a small family, and some have all the amenities that a house has, while tents have limited space and don’t have a built-in kitchen, bed, or fireplace.

A yurt can offer comfortable accommodation for an extended period compared to a tent. Often staying in a tent is for shorter stays. A yurt and tent both offer affordable accommodation, but you will not need to pack as much gear if camping in a yurt, as most yurts have most of what you need for a comfortable stay.

How To Camp In A Yurt

Camping in a yurt offers many comforts that you won’t find in a normal tent. The only items you would need to pack for your yurt camping trip are clothing, a fire starter, bug spray, food, and extra portable lights.

Yurt camping is suitable for any season since yurts are generally well insulated. Most yurts are fully equipped with a bed, seating furniture, and a fully equipped kitchen, and some have a bathroom close by or as a separate section built onto the yurt. More deluxe options come with a built-in fireplace.

Your yurt will already be set up in most cases before you arrive at your camping destination, but some yurts are also available for purchase and are portable to be used while camping instead of a regular tent.

Yurts can come in different comfort levels. Some are basic and rustic, where you’ll need to carry along all you’ll need for a basic camping trip, while others are luxurious and well stocked with all the comforts of a cozy cabin.

Bring along a few good books and some board games for entertainment during your first yurt camping trip. Other items like an iPad can come in handy for movies nights in a yurt, or maybe even switch off from all devices and go for a long walk in nature.

Pros And Cons Of Yurt Camping

While yurts are quite popular and can be found in many campsites and destinations, there are some pros and cons to camping in yurts.

The Pros Of Yurt Camping

Yurts offer incredible durability, with some yurts lasting a lifetime. The structure of a yurt protects you from extreme weather conditions. Yurts are equipped with most of the items you will need for camping, without you having to pack much to enjoy a camping trip. They are comfortable and tall, so no bending in and out of a yurt, like you would bend when getting in and out of a regular tent.

Yurts have enough space for a bed, a dining area, kitchen, and fireplace and can sleep more people with more space than an average tent.

Yurts are generally cleaner than the inside of a tent; most yurts are built with a platform that keeps dirt from entering the yurt; often, when camping, dirt and sand can get dragged into your tent and make your bed and the surrounding area dirty. Yurts have many layers of fabric offering insulation and can keep you snug in the winter months.

The Cons Of Yurt Camping

Yurts can pose a fire risk because of the flammable fabric that a yurt is made out of, so there may be extra caution required when camping in some yurts. Some yurts may be built or structured poorly, and a common issue with some yurts is the dampness present in areas where it rains a lot. Being outdoors also offers many insects; these can be bothersome and part of the camping experience.

Although yurts are more affordable than other accommodation offerings, staying for an extended stay could get a lot more expensive than staying in a regular tent.


A yurt camping experience is something that could be on your bucket list. This unique “glamping experience” is for anyone that loves camping and exploring the outdoors. The comfort, luxury, and unique setup in a yurt make for one of the most comfortable camping experiences.