Where To Camp In Sedona, Arizona

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The Grand Canyon State is undoubtedly a haven for outdoor adventure. And Sedona, in particular, is home to some of the best camping opportunities that the country of America has to offer. Perhaps you have been looking for the perfect camping destination and wonder if Sedona has anything exciting to offer. Well, you are in luck!

Sedona, Arizona, is an incredible destination for camping, offering one of the most diverse and exciting outdoor experiences in America. Sedona has it all, from the famous red rock formations in desert-like landscapes to lush forests. Popular campsites include Cave Springs and Manzanita.

Whether you are going to pitch a tent or enjoy an adventure in your camper van or RV, Sedona is guaranteed to provide the ultimate landscape and backdrop to your camping adventure and serve as a beautiful break from life’s often fast and overwhelming pace. Discover what makes Sedona so unique by finding out where the best places to camp are.

Camping In Sedona, Arizona

If there’s any place that could be described as the perfect destination for a camping adventure, Sedona in Arizona would undoubtedly be a top competitor. Indeed, the overall topography in Sedona – and Arizona as a whole, for that matter – is breathtaking and undoubtedly needs to be seen to be believed. Sedona is a must-visit camping destination.

Sedona’s unique topography is part of what makes it alluring for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The area is famous for the stunning red rock formations that can be seen here. Visiting and viewing these formations is one thing, but getting to camp while surrounded by the red rocks is another thing that some would describe as otherworldly.

However, contrary to popular belief, Sedona is not only filled and surrounded by red rock formations. In fact, Sedona has a lot more diversity on offer. The city is also known for its lush pine forests that undoubtedly make for the perfect camping experience – especially if you need some shelter from the heat of Arizona’s sun.

The way that the light begins to change as the sun goes down in Sedona is something that can only really be described as magical. It is something you have got to see for yourself and should unquestionably be on your bucket list. Once the sun has set, the sky lights up in another way. The innumerable stars in the Sedona sky are indeed a sight to be marveled at. 

Preparing To Camp In Sedona, Arizona

The key to enjoying the most out of any camping experience is ensuring that you have adequately and affectively prepared beforehand. The easiest way to instantly ruin a camping experience is to find yourself in a situation you were nowhere near prepared for. Here are some tips to consider to prepare for a camping experience in Sedona.

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, make sure that you thoroughly research each of the campsites you are considering to ensure that they are suitable for the kind of camping experience you are looking to have.

For example, some campsites in Sedona are more secluded and primitive than others, so they will not have basic amenities like showers, toilets, or running water. It would be highly beneficial to know that beforehand to avoid a situation that you are not prepared for.

Secondly, for many of Sedona’s campsites, reservations are required. Give yourself enough time to book and plan for your camping trip, especially since some places need a minimum of three days’ notice before your visit. Investigate any entry fees and everything that you will need to take with you. Most importantly, get ready to have a blast!

The Best Campsites In Sedona, Arizona

Alright, now it is time to dive into the fun part. By now, you are undoubtedly bursting at the seams, waiting to find out where the best campsites in Sedona are, and that is what we are here to help you with. 

Sedona has so many camping opportunities, indeed, far too many to list at once. However, we will show you the best campsites in Sedona that are undoubtedly worthy of being on your bucket list.

Cave Springs Campground

First on our list is undoubtedly one of the most popular campsites that Sedona offers. Located in the famous Oak Creek Canyon area, the Cave Springs Campground is a stunning densely forested campsite ideal for camping on a tent or in an RV. The campsite is far away from the city’s noise, so you are guaranteed to have a quiet, relaxing experience.

What makes Cave Springs Campground so popular is the wide range of activities on offer. Camping here will give you access to many fun activities, including trout fishing, bird watching, and hiking, to name a few. Indeed, this is a great place to submerge yourself in Sedona’s natural beauty.

Note that reservations made in advance are highly recommended because of this campsite’s popularity. Coin-operated showers and vault toilets are available at Cave Springs Campground.

Coconino National Forest

If you want to experience all of the beautiful diversity that Sedona offers in one place, then the Coconino National Forest is unquestionably the place for you. Indeed, this is one of Sedona’s (and Arizona in general) prime destinations for a camping adventure. Spanning nearly two million acres, there is arguably nothing that the Coconino National Forest cannot offer you.

From the famous red rocks and mountain ranges to lush forests, desert landscapes to lakes and tranquil streams, the Coconino National Forest undoubtedly has it all. Enjoy various outdoor activities from hiking to fishing while soaking in the unrivaled beauty that finds its home in Sedona.

Manzanita Campground

As a tent-only camping option (to avoid the noise of RV generators), the Manzanita Campground is another fantastic option on Sedona. Enjoy lush forests with views of the red rock formations and the sound of a running river at this epic Sedona campsite. 

The Manzanita Campground is open throughout the year; however, reservations made in advance are still recommended as this spot is trendy. 


There are so many more spots worth mentioning; however, the ones we have listed cannot afford to be passed by and should undoubtedly be added to the bucket list of any outdoor enthusiast. All in all, a camping experience in Sedona, Arizona, is sure to be an unforgettable one thanks to its all-round beauty and tranquility. Make a reservation today!