Why and When To Use Wheel Stoppers On a Skateboard

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Wheel stoppers are like training wheels for skateboards.

They help beginners to get used to the skateboard, allowing them to practice tricks without the skateboard constantly rolling away from them.

Also known as skater trainers, wheel stoppers are cheap, simple, and very effective.

How Do Skater Trainers Work?

Skater trainers (on Amazon) are small plastic devices that encase your skateboard wheels and stop them from rolling.

They’re cheap, widely available, and incredibly effective—once they are in place, the wheels shouldn’t roll.

With skater trainers in place, young and inexperienced skateboarders can freely practice tricks like the ollie.

Of course, skater trainers have their limitations, as well.

You will be stationary, and you can’t ride them with.

Landing a trick with skater trainers is also very different from landing a trick without them.

But they help beginners to get over that initial hump, and when they have learned to ollie and perform other tricks with skater trainers, they can remove them and take the next step.

This is what skate trainers look like. You can get skate trainers on Amazon.

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Can You Practice Skateboarding without Wheels?

Technically, you can learn tricks on a skateboard without wheels.

Once the skateboard is stationary, it should be easier to land common tricks.

However, the reduced elevation and heavier impact means it’s not the best way to practice.

Beginners struggling with basic tricks should definitely look into skater trainers as opposed to just skating on the deck.

Skater trainers are cheap, easy to install, and will provide the benefits of stationary skating without compromising your skateboard.

Why Do My Skateboard Wheels Stop?

If your wheels are stopping without the use of skater trainers, you may have an issue with the bearings.

You will need to remove them, clean them, and lubricate them.

Drop by your local skate shop and ask for a bearings cleaning.

The Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit works best, but there are other options, as well, including some simple cleaners and lubricants.

Don’t use WD40.

It will dry the bearings and attract dirt and dust.

In fact, if you have previously used WD40 on your bearings/wheels, that could be the reason they’re not moving.

Putting Skater Trainers on Skateboard Wheels

Skateboarding has a pretty steep learning curve, and many young skaters quit when they realize that it’s not as easy as it looks.

Not only do you have to get used to balancing on the board, but you also need to familiarize yourself with the constant movement.

Wheel stoppers can help with this.

They make it significantly easier to learn tricks and will allow new skaters to develop the muscle memory they need to master these tricks.

Of course, it’s not as “cool”, and some younger riders may struggle with the idea of using wheel stoppers, but they will flatten the learning curve and make it easier to learn those fundamental tricks.

Skater trainers are also very cheap and can be purchased from sites like Amazon, as well as most skate shops.

If you’re struggling to get to grips with this sport, there’s no excuse not to pick up some skater trainers and try them out.