Are Snowboard Lessons Worth It?

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You’ve rented your snowboard, bought your lift tickets, and are preparing for your first day on the slopes.

Now what?

Should you hit the slopes by yourself and figure it out as you go or should you take snowboarding lessons?

Can You Learn to Snowboard On Your Own?

It is possible to learn how to snowboard on your own, but it’s not easy.

Snowboarding looks a lot easier than it is, and once you strap yourself to the board and start carving those slopes, you’ll realize just how tricky it can be.

During that first day, you’ll spend more time on your bum than your feet and while you can keep picking yourself up and going again, you’ll eventually get frustrated.

The more frustrated you are, the less likely you are to persist.

You don’t want to end your first day angry and wishing you’d never bothered with the sport in the first place.

Should I Take a Snowboard Lesson?

If you’re completely new to snowboarding, you should definitely take snowboard lessons.

Snowboard lessons will get you over the initial hump and show you the basics, but there’s more to it than that.

Snowboard instructors will also teach you about slope etiquette and ensure that you’re not constantly irritating other riders.

They’ll show you how to use the correct technique, stay safe, avoid injuries, use the ski lifts, and guarantee an enjoyable experience.

More importantly, snowboard lessons will shorten the learning curve.

You’ll go from “complete beginner” to “budding novice” in no time at all, and it gets more interesting from there.

Group Lessons vs Private Lessons

A private lesson will give you one-on-one coaching.

An experienced instructor will show you the ropes, tell you what you’re doing wrong, and help you with your form.

Whether you’re a fast learner or a slow learner, they will always move at your pace.

A group lesson doesn’t provide the same dedicated experience, but it’s available at a much lower price point.

You’ll save money while still learning from an expert instructor.

Usually, the lessons will be taught in a small group so there will still be an element of personal coaching, but it obviously won’t be as personalized.

If you’re with a group of friends or family members, we recommend booking a lesson for all of you.

If not, and you’re a little shy, it’s best to opt for personal lessons.

How Many Snowboarding Lessons Should I Take?

Anywhere from 2 to 4 snowboard lessons should be sufficient for most riders.

These lessons will be supplemented with your own practice time, so you don’t need to take all of the lessons before you head out by yourself.

In the first lesson, you’ll pick up a few pointers and learn about etiquette and safety.

From there, it’s just about mastering the correct technique and making your experience easier and more enjoyable.

How Much Do Snowboarding Lessons Cost?

The cost of snowboarding lessons can vary depending on the skill of the instructor, the popularity of the resort, and whether or not you’re getting private lessons or group lessons.

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $250 for a private lesson that includes everything you need for a snowboarding session, including rental equipment.

If you’re just paying for a snowboard lesson and you’re sharing with a friend, family member, or another student, it could cost as little as $30 to $40.

Summary: Are Snowboarding Lessons Worth It?

Practice makes perfect and the best way to learn is to get out there, fall, get back up, and keep going.

It’s true for most sports and activities, and snowboarding is no exception.

But that doesn’t mean that snowboarding lessons are a waste of time and money.

They can save you a lot of cash in the long term and help to retain your interest in the short term.