What Does It Mean To Butter On A Snowboard?

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A butter is one of those unique tricks that looks much harder than it actually is. It’s a snowboard trick that you can have a lot of fun with and one you can learn even as a beginner.

What Is “Butter” in Snowboarding?

A butter trick involves pressing on one end of the board to lift the other off the ground and perform a variety of spins. When done properly, it looks buttery smooth, which is where the name comes from.

How Do You Butter Slide A Snowboard?

To start buttering, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step One: Find a Slight Slope

Look for a gentle slope without too many riders or obstacles nearby. It helps to have a little free space so you can practice freely without getting in anyone’s way.

Step Two: Lift the Nose

Lean on your back foot slightly to list the nose of the board. Be sure to keep your shoulders level as you drop your back knee, and try to hold this position.

Step Three: Start Turning

Turn your shoulders and chest until they are facing down the slope. Shifting your bodyweight like this will rotate the board in the same direction.

Use the tail of the board to pivot as you complete a 180-degree turn with your upper body.

Step Four: Switch

After rotating 180 degrees, shift back to the center of the board and land in a switch stance. Keep your knees remain bent, with your weight distributed between your front foot and back foot.

Step Five: Complete a Full Rotation

After landing your first successful rotation, try spinning multiple times and then advance into a full rotation.

To complete a 360, keep the rotation going until you land in the same position as you started.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Buttering?

The learning curve is fairly short with this trick. Most snowboarders can nail it in a single session, and if you have a little experience and are comfortable on the slopes, it should take you no more than half an hour.

It’s time well spent, as few things look cooler than applying butter to those powder slopes.

How Do You Butter A Stiff Snowboard?

It’s possible to perform the butter trick on a stiff board, but it’s not easy as you need a little flexibility to perform this trick smoothly.

A higher flex rating will give you more speed on the slopes, but it will also make it harder to transfer your weight from one end of the board to the other.

To perform a nose butter on a stiff board, look for a mellow slope, ride with your non-dominant foot in the lead position, and then turn your upper and lower body in the direction of the spin to complete the nose butter.

Tail butters should be a little easier, as you’ll be balancing on your dominant foot. Look for groomed terrain, reach a moderate speed, and then shift your weight onto your back foot while lifting your front foot slightly and swinging your upper body into the spin.

When you have completed the rotation, bring your front foot down to finish the trick.

How Do You Practice Snowboarding Butters At Home?

If you’re not very confident in your technique, practice buttering in your yard or garage.

Just lay a foam roller down and if you’re using a hard surface, place a couple of yoga mats on either side to make sure you’re not constantly banging the board against the solid floor.

Stand on one side of the foam and then practice hopping on and off. Land on just your nose, then on the flat ground, then just your tail, and back on the ground.

The movements don’t have the slick fluidity that makes buttering such a cool trick, but it’s the next best thing and will ensure that you’re better equipped when you eventually make it to the slopes.

Summary: How to Butter on a Snowboard

Snowboard buttering, like all snowboard tricks, can be mastered with a little knowledge and a lot of persistence.

Follow the steps above and persist until you get it right. Before long, you’ll be buttering like the best of them!